General insurance workers stage demonstration

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Mar 2018 10:06:12


Business Bureau,

Public sector general insurance workers staged a day long dharna on as per the call given by General Insurance Employees All India Association (GIEAIA).The dharna is organised to focus the attention of Government and public to save public sector general insurance (PSGI) industry. The employees are demanding one corporation by merging all four PSGI companies, final option of Pension Scheme 1995 to all and to protest against Government’s policy of disinvestment in PSGI companies.

At Nagpur the dharna was held from 10 am before Regional Office of United India Insurance Company Limited situated at Shankar Nagar. The dharna began with shouting slogans of the demands for merging of all four PSGI companies and forming one corporation, for final option of Pension Scheme 1995 to all and opposing Government’s disinvestment policy.

Arun Kulkarni of General Insurance Pensioners Association (GIPA) and. Pradeep Dharamthok, Working President of GIEAIA addressed the gathering. Kulkarni said, “This is the need of hour to form single corporation of PSGI companies.” He condemn the Government’s intention to privatise PSGI companies by listing it in share market. He also reiterated the demand of final pension option to those who has not opted for pension under 1995 Pension Scheme.

Dharamthok in his address said that announcement of merging of three PSGI companies, out of four, clearly indicates Government’s intention to disinvest its shares, bring private directors on the board of these companies and sell the companies to the capitalist. Government intended to privatise public sector of the nation, like banks, coal sector, insurance sector and all other public sector industries.

“The present Government is working to satisfy corporates only. Government is ready to finance big industrialists including defaulters without thinking much, but, at the time of wage revision to employees Government thinks twice,” he said. He said that unemployment was increasing day by day, very few employment was generated and a large number of educated youths were not getting any employment.

He said that earlier GIEAIA had achieved many things by fighting with management and Government.
He said, “The employees of the country are so strong that they can change the Government if they are ignored, earlier also several times they have done it.” He thanked all the members who participated in the dharna including members of GIPA who stands together with GIEAIA.

He said, “We should fight unitedly.” He appealed the employees to get ready for agitations. GIEAIA has decided to organise ‘Mahadharna’ in New Delhi during the current Parliament Session.

Large number of employees from all the offices of PSGI companies at Nagpur participated in the dharna. Prashant Dixit, Joint Secretary of General Insurance Employees’ Union, Western Zone, conducted the meeting.

Vinay Karpe, Regional Secretary of GIEU (WZ), Chandrakant Deshpande, Arvind Sambare, Deepak Gotmare, Vivek Bhalekar, Prakash Kanade, Anil Ghodmare, Shyam Parate, Raju Ramtirthkar, Jagdish Warambhe, Pankaj Sawalkar, Vinod Harde, Homraj Ade, Sanju Ghatate, Ramesh Bhagat, Raju Ramtirthkar, Ravi Bulbule, Ramkrishna Sawarkar, Chandu Sawarkar, Kamlakar Lichade, Prashant Chanore took pain for success of the dharna.