The Art of Listening

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Mar 2018 11:36:15



By dr asha dave

Listening is an art; in fact we can say that it is the most important link in the process of communication, because unless you listen you cannot speak. Even during the ancient period, the entire knowledge was passed on through the process of listening and speaking this was the only way knowledge could be imparted and preserved for future generations, but unfortunately this skill has not been given much importance in present times, there are many centre which provide training on writing and speaking but we hardly come across training centres which imparts training on listening skills.

Listening is an art which can be effectively improved by following certain suggestions discussed below,There are some suggestions can help you to accomplish effective listening.Hearing is the foundation of listening make it a point to hear what others have to say then only you will be able to answer him or take the conversation ahead.Listen more speak less. During communication make it a point to speak less and listen more. One of my Psychologist friend commented that she solves half of the cases by just listening to what he or she has to say.

Adopt a body posture which will convey that you are carefully showing interest in what the other person is saying. For example, you might lean forward and maintain eye contact. Show expressions on your face remember face is the index of mind.Develop good contact between your brain and ears. It has been observed that your brain works goes four times faster than a speaker’s voice. Thus, your brain can easily prepare itself to plan the response.
Listen for the central ideas, not for all the facts. Develop the skill of understanding the central idea of any conversation if you understand the central theme it is very easy to make out the points.Do not interrupt. This is considered as a bad manner even if you have to interrupt let the speaker finish the sentence and take his permission before interruptingReflect back some of the important points to assure the speaker that you were listening with attention and have understood what he was saying and have understood what he wanted to say.

Regularly share indications that you are listening to them. Those indications can be, for example, nodding your head, saying, “Yes” to some points that you agree with.
The art of questioning. Questioning is an art if you want good answers than develop the art of questioning because good questioning will help you to understand yours and other’s perceptions, assumptions and conclusions in a better way, and you can ask questions only if have listen with interest.Understand the context. Think and understand the context of speech because we often come across misunderstandings that develop due to this gap.
Comprehension is the key of communication you grasp or get hold of any subject if you listen with attention.
I hope the above mentioned suggestions will definitely help you in increasing your listening skill, but remember it is only with regular practice that skills can be developed.
(The author is Asso Prof, EN-ETC Department, J D College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur)