About 102 new CBSE affiliated schools come up in State in past one year

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Mar 2018 11:00:03


Staff Reporter

Although Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education and also of all universities in the state are losing their institutions at random speed in different parts of the state. But in contrast Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), effective nationally since 1952, continues to grow with leaps as well as bounds, with nearly 102 new CBSE affiliated schools have come up in the Chhattisgarh in the past one year, bringing the grand total of CBSE affiliated schools to an impressive 590 ones across State.

More and more parents are now switching their children from their respective state education boards to schools following the CBSE system. Studying under state board of education does offer many benefits such as more relevance, easier to score marks and preferred admissions under state institutes. However, CBSE provides its own set of benefits. Many schools in the State are now following a dual pattern, having a few of their school branches affiliated to their state board and a few school branches affiliated to CBSE. The interesting part is that along with urban areas, many rural areas particularly of Raipur, Durg and Bilaspur also witnessed branch of new schools with affiliation of CBSE in last couple of years.

CBSE was established to enable uninterrupted studies for children of parents working transferable jobs and continues to maintain this goal. According to R K Baksh, retired principal of CBSE affiliated school and also educationist of school education, admitting a child in a school affiliated to CBSE grooms him or her in learning the style of CBSE syllabi which is used most often in competitive entrance exams.

The new innovations brought about by CBSE, specially the schemes motivated to reduce stress on students, are alluring to both parents as well as children. Among the most attractive CBSE innovations include regular tests, extra academic activities, extra co-curricular events and other things which help students to boost his or her confidence.A total of 540 schools within Chhattisgarh are affiliated with CBSE for the year 2017, with Raipur alone having 52 CBSE affiliated schools. Similarly Durg district also have 70 CBSE affiliated schools. Dr K K Sharma, educationist stated that because of it now state board and also of ICSE board schools are losing their students in large number.