Mega traffic jam: Thousands of vehicles stranded for three hours on Umred Road

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Mar 2018 09:53:39


Staff Reporter,

Slow response of police

Vehicles including buses, trucks, car and jeeps were lined up from the Vihirgaon to Pachgaon for almost three hours after the incident. An eye witness informed that response from the police was quite slow due to which the traffic chaos occurred. After arriving the spot, they had pulled the truck from the spot but the sand remained as it is causing the jam. Had the sand been removed when the truck was lifted the chaos could have been avoided, he said.

Traffic movement on Nagpur-Umred Road was thrown out of gear on Tuesday afternoon for more than three hours after hydraulic lift of a truck automatically opened up leading to spilling of sand on the bridge. The spot was Umargaon bridge where the incident occurred and thousands of vehicles got stranded on either sides.

According to police, a truck laden with sand (MH-40/N-7356) was heading towards Nagpur at 12.30 pm. The sand laden hydraulic box malfunctioned and it lifted it backwards. Within moments entire truck full of sand spilled over the bridge. The truck driver stopped the truck and attempted to stop the hydraulics but the hydraulic gear failed to respond. With bridge full of sand, it was just impossible to cross-over leading to the traffic jam on the busy road.

Within an hour with no solution in sight, the number of stranded vehicles started steadily rising. With more passage of time, the queue of vehicles seemed like a sea and hapless looking people just waited and waited for some divine intervention.

Staff of Kuhi Police Station stationed at Vihirgaon out-post arrived at the spot at around 1.30 pm. The staff arranged a hydra crane and pulled the truck from the bridge. However, pile of sand remained on the bridge as it is for another hour or so. Two policemen present on the spot ordered the stranded people to start moving. Frustrated by wastage of time, the hapless people too obeyed the directives and moved ahead. But alas they only managed to drag themselves in the chaos in the middle as the vehicles got stuck in the sand fill. Some ingenious youngsters finally took matters in hand and pushed the stranded vehicles one by one through the bridge.

Even as this exercise was on Umargaon bridge, a team led by DySP Umred Sunil Jaiswal appeared on the scene, apparently after being directed by Superintendent of Police (SP) Shailesh Balkawade. The officers arranged a JCB to remove the sand from the spot. But the JCB failed to clear entire sand from the bridge. As the vehicles were getting stuck in the sand, the police asked a trucker to collect the sand and clear the road. With the help of the trucker, the road was finally opened for traffic at around 3.30 pm.