crack the whip

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Mar 2018 11:35:07

Nakshatra Dhanishtha 17H 09M

Moon Kumbha (Rajandekar Panchang)
Paksha Falgun Krishna Tithi Trayodashi 17H 16M
Bhadra starts 17H.16M, ends 29H.45M
Muslim Jamadilakhar 26th Hijree 1439

Terror in any form cannot be justified and it has to be condemned in the most severe words. Killing of nine Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh can be termed as an attack on the democratic structure of the country. The Maoists have been indulging in such indiscreet violence for quite some time now in the central region of the country and it is time for the State to respond with all its might. From these attacks by the Maoists on the security personnel it is clear that they are keen to unleash a reign of terror in their base area so that the movement of the forces can be restrained.

The Maoists know very well that they cannot take on the might of the forces and therefore they are indulging in such attacks and using Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to trigger blast, inflicting damage to life and property and at the same time inducing fear among the people. The trap laid on the dirt track stretching between Kistaram and Palodi under Sukma police station limits was not perceptible and the security personnel fell easily to the death trap.

Blowing up of the Mine Protected Vehicle carrying the CRPF jawans could have required huge quantity of explosives and the Maoists managed to get these explosives and the fire power even when they were encircled by the security forces. The forested areas in the country are big but it is not beyond reach of the government agencies to clamp down on the illegal trade between the Maoists and the suppliers. The Naxals’ stockpile of weapons does not come just from loot but many illegal links from where they manage to get the weapons.

It is estimated that the Maoists fund generation comes close to Rs. 3000 crore annually. Some time ago the State police had arrested an official of a private company for facilitating the Maoists with money to carry out smooth transaction of their business. It is hardly a secret that many contractors, government officials and even local politicians provide financial aid to the Maoists to protect their vested interests. Until and unless the Government takes strong measures against these people and snap all channels from where these rebels get their resources the fight cannot be brought to its logical end.

During summer the Maoists carry out annual Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign (TCOC) and Sukma, the worst insurgency hit region, has witnessed several dreaded attacks on security forces during this period. Maoists step up they offensive between March-June. The security forces in Bastar region are also on high alert. But despite it the rebels inflict damage to the forces and when it happens all talks of violation of Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) take place.

In several successful attacks engineered by the Maoists there has always been an element of complacency and laxness by the security personnel. When you are in a war zone you cannot afford to be complacent and overlook safety aspect and this is where the Maoists succeed in wreaking damage.

The attack on Tuesday was the fifth reported in the past three months. The first attack took place in Narainpur where four jawans lost their lives and nine were injured. On the same day, the Maoists triggered IED blast in Basaguda forest of Bijapur district killing two security personnel. Two more security personnel were killed and six injured in a attack on Bhejji-Chintagufa road on February 18. Two security personnel of 134th battalion of Border Security Force (BSF) were killed in IED blast triggered by the Naxals near Rawghat on 7th of this month, the count will go on. It’s high time to annihilate these evil forces so that the beautiful landscape of Bastar does not get drenched in blood.