Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Mar 2018 10:49:15

THE United States has dragged India to the dispute redressal forum of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), claiming  that the subsidies that India is offering for export promotion is harming its domestic industries. This has been a long-standing grievance of the US and several of the developed countries. However, no other regime in the US had made an issue out of this. The Trump administration, however, seems to be hell bent on engaging in an internecine trade war with many countries by itself resorting to protectionist policies.

Under the pretext of saving American jobs the Trump  administration is imposing many trade restrictions on other countries’ products. The latest is the tariff hike on imports of aluminium and steel products in order to protect American manufacturing industries. Himself a product and a beneficiary of American economic liberalism, Mr. Trump has emerged as the staunch opponent of global free trade without barriers. On the contrary, he is projecting himself as the champion of protectionist trade policies with global implications.



INDIANS are spending sleepless nights. And fear of alien invasion is certainly not the reason for it! The culprit is technology. Or rather overuse of technology, as a recent survey by Philips found out. The global survey discovered that about 32 per cent of Indian adults are not getting sound sleep due to technology. Good sleep is the most important ingredient for good health. Instead, a large chunk of Indians, who find technology as a major sleep distraction,  are prioritising exercise over sleep in search of better health. This is a flawed priority, for, extra physical exercise cannot compensate for lost sleep which is essential for good health.

Overuse of technology is a major impediment to good sleep. Easy availability of a plethora of platforms on mobiles, laptops and television is clearly taking its toll. The growing addiction to technology is disturbing sleep and also giving rise to reclusion in the society. There is an urgent need of going back to our sanskars which made families a happy place. Good bonding among each other is the only deterrent to the rising influence of technology.