What’sup Lagna 

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Mar 2018 11:32:20


What’sup Lagna 

Tackling a contemporary subject 

 By Aasawari Shenolikar

“We are a weekend couple”, “We get to see each other once in a blue moon”, “ours is more of a virtual relationship” .. not just mere statements meant to shock people, especially the older relatives. In today’s times, such declarations are not strange anymore. For young married couples of the present times this is more or less a reality. They get married with stars in their eyes, but soon the race for being on top of their profession takes over their personal life, and strains in a relationship appear, leading to cracks that are difficult to fill or mend. The reasons - no face to face communication and no partner willing to sacrifice or step back even a bit. For any relationship to survive, the physical presence is a must. But today's generation prefers the virtual world over the real world. Frictions, thus continue to pile up leading to more discordance and finally dissolution of a bond that is supposed to be janam janam ka bandhan.


What'sup Lagna by Vishwas Joshi tackles this sensitive contemporary issue that has already spread its tentacles and many couples have fallen victims to the ‘long distance syndrome.’ It’s a fresh subject that revolves around two characters who are diametrically opposite to each other. While Aakash (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi), an IT guy is a perfectionist to the core, (he uses a hand sanitizer even before drinking tea from a tapri), Annanya (Prarthana Behere) is his complete opposite. She is a bindaas girl, an actor by profession, and not the typical ‘shaadi material' kind of a girl. The twain meet, fall in love (a case of opposites attract) and enter into wedlock. Cracks start appearing when the two, who have totally different working schedules, just cannot find time for each other. What'sapp become their voice. Reality then strikes and what they found ‘cute’at the beginning of their marital life, becomes the bone of contention later. The warring couple, who do not spar physically, (aamhi kuthe bhandtto?) cannot see eye to eye. Love flies out of the window leading to discontentment and finally a break up. Does it have a happy ending? Watch What'sup Lagna to find out.

The film starts off on a light, breezy note and the wooing and courting takes up the entire first half. It’s with a smile that you watch the two lead actors (Best friends in real life) interact on the screen. Their easy camaraderie keeps the viewers engaged. But as the film progresses, you find that the serious issue - of a relationship that is connected via the phone - should have received more footage than the romance of the lead pair. The subject matter is introduced much later in the storyline. And by then so much time has elapsed that it is dealt only at a very superficial level. Repetitiveness sets in the second half. The couple disagree, a relative walks in, gives them a lecture on the slice of life, they try to patch up, and then the whole process is repeated. In today’s times, Aakash and Annanya’s lifestyle finds an echo in the lives of many youngsters. And the director, who has also written the script, could have delved deeply into the subject and come up with trying to find a solution. Easier said than done, for it is a complex issue. And if Vishwas Joshi had given more thought to the how the duo were missing out on personal moments and even though living under the same roof were two separate individuals living their own lives, What'sup Lagna could have become a movie in a different league.

Vaibhav Tatwawaadi is endearing and you can instantly relate to him. Easy on the eye, he floors the audience with his charm. With each new film, Vaibhav is blossoming and has evolved as an actor. Prarthana Behere complements him but her character in this film is too flippant and so at times she comes across as comical, even when it is not required of her. Vikram Gokhale, Vandana Gupte, Ila Bhate lend able support. The highlight is that all of them, including the lead pair, are relatable. And this is where Vishwas Joshi scores. Of the songs woven in, it is Tujhya aathavani che gandh aanto mee is soul stirring and your heart goes out to the troubled duo. What'sup Lagna, like most Marathi movies, is rich in content, attempting to deal with a subject that is redefining the present day relationships. Should be on your weekend watch list.