Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Mar 2018 09:52:41

NOTHING could be more unfortunate than the cantankerous approach the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has taken to pushing for a special status to Andhra Pradesh. And just because the Centre is not willing to use that nomenclature, the TDP has suddenly turned a foe to a ruling combine whose developmental philosophy is being appreciated by one and all. Despite that, the TDP has decided to introduce a No-Confidence Motion in the Lok Sabha, coinciding with efforts by other Opposition parties to forge a ‘United Front’ to defeat the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This could have been avoided if the TDP bosses saw sense in the Centre's thinking on the issue of special status to Andhra Pradesh.

The fate of the proposed No-Confidence motion is almost sealed. The numbers favour the Government very clearly. In fact, the BJP does not need any numbers and it stands on its own with 274 Members in the Lok Sabha, comfortably above the half-way mark. Yet, the BJP stood committed to the NDA and carried on with the arrangement as part of its philosophical belief of inclusive politics. So, when the No-Confidence motion is put to vote, it is almost sure to be defeated. Still, the BJP leadership is reported to be making efforts to open talks with the TDP once again. This shows how serious the BJP is about continuing in coalition even though it does not need the numbers.

It is more than obvious that the TDP wants to make a show of its sincerity to the Andhra cause. That is the reason why it is ready to go full distance by opting out of NDA Government, the NDA itself and now go ahead with No-Confidence motion. This political ploy would not take the TDP much distance, except that it would win a greater popular support in Andhra. However, even in Andhra Pradesh, there are people who disagree with TDP’s stance. For, the Centre has stressed that it would give every possible assistance to Andhra Pradesh that special status would provide, but it would avoid the nomenclature of ‘special status’ in order to avoid to set an undesirable national trend. The nation is already reeling under the special status issue in Kashmir. It has also seen that special status has not done much to ensure genuine all-round development of Jammu and Kashmir. It was from that point of view that the BJP offered the TDP every possible help without the nomenclature of ‘special status’. The TDP is in no mood to listen to the wise word. Hence the issue.

Even though the country has seen a lot of coalition politics, smaller parties are yet to imbibe it in right spirit. Many of them are known to often resort to threatening or blackmailing the bigger partners to have their way. This might have made sense earlier, but in the present condition, the BJP is strong enough to stand on its own without any additional numbers on the floor of the Lok Sabha. Yet, the TDP wants to make a point through a No-Confidence motion. All this acrimony could be avoided easily had the TDP understood the purpose behind the Centre’s stance on the issue of special status. It is really unfortunate that the TDP leadership is refusing to understand this. Obviously, it is fired by some political ambition to play a crucial role in the electoral arena a year later. Such a cantankerous approach would not take it anywhere, however.