Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Mar 2018 11:05:56

HAVING carried a huge workload for the last couple of years, Indian cricket Captain Virat Kohli is savouring the much needed recess from the hectic schedule of a modern day cricketer. Being a popular cricketer has its own price and as a hugely successful batsman with an unprecedented success rate as the skipper of the top team of the world, Virat Kohli admits that a time comes in a sportsperson’s life when he has to listen to the complaints of his body and hence regulate the workload. It is because of this reason that after the very heavy and taxing South African tour last month, he preferred to stay away from the Sri Lankan Twenty20 tri-series. And he says that he is enjoying this much needed break from the relentlessness of the game.

Like lawn tennis and international football, cricket too has become very hectic leading to many players complaining about fatigue, injuries, long absence from families, early retirement. Ever since commercial interest has entered into cricket, there has been a sea change in the scheduling of cricket tours. Advent of the shorter versions of the game, ODIs (One-Day Internationals) and later Twenty20 has generated huge popularity among the masses all over the world with the TV media and corporate houses willing to pump in huge amounts of money for sponsorship of the game and engage popular cricketers as brand ambassadors. While this has brought huge money to the cricketers, it has also changed their life altogether. And it is this hectic life that Kohli is talking about and wants to stay away from it for some time to give his body a breather to relax and recoup from injuries and other niggles picked up during playing time.

For Virat Kohli and sportspersons like him, who are constantly on the move and are engaged in a highly vigorous sport like cricket, relaxation time becomes all the more important to recharge their energies. Fortunately as of now Indian cricket is in a much better position than many other cricket playing countries because of an enviable bench strength. Talent is emerging from all over the country and the national selectors have a great quandary as to whom to pick and whom to drop. A team that can afford to sideline bowlers like Ravichandran Aswhin and Ravindra Jadeja, who have been competing with each other to top the international ranking charts not long ago, indeed is in an enviable position.

Virat Kohli has been suggesting on occasions to cricket authorities to reserve some slot in players’ schedule for relaxation time. This is especially so in view of the rigorous nature of the way cricket is being played in modern times. Cricket Board authorities need to think over this issue.