Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Mar 2018 09:32:13

FOR a long period, stretching upto eleven years, Dinesh Karthick has remained the man to fall back on when the first-tier stars in the Indian team opt for rest from limited overs cricket. Karthick always grabbed each opportunity thrown at him with a simple principle -- perform or perish. The world of slam-bang cricket is very cruel. It sweeps names by the wayside with utter disdain. In this context, Karthick’s efforts to keep himself in the reckoning are massive. It is time to celebrate the unsung hero.

The magical cameo he unleashed to bring India home in the Nidahas Trophy final should put to rest any speculation about DK’s ability. The batsman ticks the two necessary boxes for a No. 6 all-rounder -- agile keeper and cool finisher. Both are the attributes of MS Dhoni, who still holds the position on his dint. But Karthick’s relentless show over the years should stop the search for Dhoni’s replacement. Of course, the new crop of wicketkeepers needs blooding but it must not come at the cost of Karthick. He deserves a permanent place, alongside Dhoni.



NOBEL laureate Mr. Paul Krugman is right in his observation that India has progressed and is a better place to do business than it was before, but economic inequities have continued to dog the nation. This observation makes a lot of sense as the Indian reality is rather too stark to be ignored. Economic inequities have continued and the gap between the rich and poor has widened. It is certainly true that the policy of inclusive economics followed by the Modi Government has yielded positive results. Yet, a genuine redemption of the poor from economic woes is far from achieved.

The stage has now come for the nation, not just the Government, to consider this aspect and chart out plans that would counter this condition effectively. This gap is not imaginary, as some might want to assert. This is a real gap and the nation must work to ensure that the have-nots get appropriate opportunities to flourish economically and come up level with others socially. It is in this contest that Mr. Paul Krugman’s observation would wake us up.