Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Mar 2018 11:03:25


Nakshatra Krittika 18H 02M
Moon Vrishabh (Rajandekar Panchang)
Paksha Chaitra Shukla Tithi Panchami 13H 49M
Muslim Rajab 4th Hijree 1439

IT IS absolutely shocking that the terrorists of Islamic State (IS) killed as many as 39 Indians and buried them in a mass grave in Iraq. Though the cruel incident happened in 2014, the Government got to know authentically about the ugly reality recently and then informed the Parliament about it. Though the Opposition parties tried to blame the Government for being insensitive to the emotions of the relatives of the 39 victims, it must be understood clearly that no Government would ever want to hide such information since it does not derive any political benefit by concealing the information. The unmistakable conclusion to be drawn from this episode is that the IS terrorists are among the cruelest of all the ultras across the world and do not mind going any distance to show the world what cruelty they are capable of indulging in.
But then, our sense of shock also exposes our naivete. For, cruelty has been one of the weapons of terrorists all over the world. Their main targets are innocent and unarmed civilians who can offer no resistance whatsoever. The same thing happened with those 39 Indians who were abducted by IS terrorists and killed and buried. One woman did manage to escape but not before she had seen all the cruelty of the ultras. Her eye-witness account is the only credible version available to the world about what happened on that fateful day.

The past few years have seen Islamic State ultras unleashing havoc on civilians. Their purpose is to intimidate the civil societies across the world. Their acts of terror have affected countless countries, including the advanced nations such as England and France, in addition to other nations. It was the rise of ISIS that brought several nations together to consider a joint global front in war against terror. It was hoped that the joint effort would yield positive results. Some desirable developments did become possible. Yet, the terrorists claiming to represent Islamic State continued to unleash terror on the world in this or that manner. The abduction and killing of 39 Indians was part of the dirty campaign that shocked the Indian nation.

Until recently, there were hopes that at least some of the abducted Indians were safe. Now, however, authentic information has become available about their killing. It is not at all right for the Opposition parties to keep blaming the Government for whatever untoward happens. It is necessary for everybody to understand how the Government functions. It was not possible for the Government to make any definitive announcement about the abducted Indians until an official word arrived from Iraq. The Government waited for it and made the announcement only after that. The Opposition parties should not derive any political mileage out of this train of events. For, it is the common problem of the whole nation and not just of the Government.

In fact, the Government has done extremely well to send Minister of State for External Affairs General V.K. Singh to bring back stranded Indians all over the Middle East. He did such a splendid job out of that difficult assignment that other countries like Pakistan, too, urged India to help them get their stranded citizens back. With this commendable record, the Government cannot be blamed for failure to act correctly about the case of 39 abducted-and-killed Indians in Iraq. The Opposition parties must realise that when such problems hit a nation, the Government has to take extremely cautious steps so that it does not exacerbate the situation. The Opposition parties should understand these hard realities so that they do not misinterpret the Government’s action. In this particular case of 39 Indians, nobody could do anything as the IS terrorists made swift moves and abducted and then killed them.