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Istanbul is Turkey's largest city with more than 13 million people, no other city on earth sits astride two continents. Not just age old, for centuries it was the most multicultural city in Europe on whose streets more than a dozen languages were spoken from Italian to Persian, Greek to Arabic.

Above all it was a city made for trade, built for business. Established on a triangular spit of land (the area today dominated by the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia), the original town was surrounded by water on three sides. Talking about the travel time, the best time to visit Istanbul is in February which is the coldest month with few showers with bit of summer heat, but the beauty of Istanbul does not get hidden due to these factors.

The city of Istanbul offers breathtaking views and amazing food, their kebabs are so delicious they just melt in your mouth. Not just their local delicacy even their international cuisine is amazing, best way to enjoy food is street style. When you think of street style Taksim square comes in mind which is a busy nightlife, shopping, dining district and Vintage trams. It’s the city’s main pedestrian boulevard, lined with 19th-century buildings housing international shopping chains, movie theatres and cafes.

A dense web of side streets contains bars, antiques shops, and rooftop eateries with Bosphorus views. Once you go in there you will not return empty handed. Other than Taksim square, there is one more place which cannot be missed by any tourist for shopping in Istanbul. That famous place is known as The Grand Bazaar.

It’s in operation since 1461 and is among the world’s oldest and largest markets. Here you will find everything - from Turkish spices to Turkish clothes. Istanbul offers many famoussights visited by tourists which have great value for history, culture and their view. Some of the few places I visited during my stay in Istanbul where….. The Hagia Sophia one of the historical architectural wonders that still remains standing today, has an important place in the art world with its architecture, grandness, size and functionality.

The Hagia Sophia isthe biggest church constructed by the East Roman Empire in Istanbul, and has been reconstructed three times in the same location. Now it’s a museum open for the tourists to see. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as Blue Mosque is a historic mosque located in Istanbul,Turkey.A popular tourist site, it still continues to function as a mosque.

The Blue Mosque as it is popularly known, was constructed between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed. Hand-painted blue tiles adorn the mosque’s interior walls, and at night the mosque is bathed in blue lights. It sits next to the Hagia Sophia, another popular tourist site. The Bosphorus a narrow, natural strait and an internationally significant waterway located in northwestern Turkey.

It forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, and separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey. Gives a great view of Istanbul. Bosphorus bridge also known as first bridge is one of the three suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, thus connecting Europe and Asia.

The bridge looks more beautiful in night time when it lights up with different colours, which can be seen from a boat or from afar. The Hippodrome of Constantinople: - was the place for horse races. It still survives asapark in which the traces of the old race course are clearly visible. Today it is a square named Sultan Ahmet Square in Istanbul, with a few fragments of the original structure surviving.

It is maintained by the Turkish government. CAPPADOCIA is another place to visit in Turkey. It’s a semi- arid region in central Turkey. Cappadocia is known for its fairy chimneys, cone shaped rock formations today in which hotels are built where tourists can stay and enjoy the feeling of staying inside of the rocks.

The area is also one of the popular tourist destination, as it has many areas with unique geological, historic, and cultural features. Fastest and notso expensive way to reach Cappadocia is through air ways. Sites which are popular among tourists .. Kaymakli Underground City contained within the citadel of Kaymakli in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. First opened to tourists in 1964.

The houses in the village are constructed around nearly one hundred tunnels of the underground city. The tunnels are still used today as storage areas, stables, and cellars. A stable is located on the first floor. The small size of the stable could indicate that other stables exist in the sections not yet opened.

To the left of the stable isapassage with a millstone door, the door leads into a church. To the right of the stables are rooms possibly for living spaces. Located on the second floor is a church, Names of people contained in graves here coincide with those located next to the church, which supports the idea that these graves belonged to religious people. The third floor contains the most important areas of the underground compound storage places, wine or oil presses, and kitchens.

The high number of storage rooms and areas for earthenware jars on the fourth floor indicates some economic stability. Kaymakli is one of the largest underground settlements in the region. The large area reserved for storage in such a limited area appears to indicate the need to support a large population underground. Currently onlyafraction of the complex is open to the public. Hot-air ballooning is very popular in Cappadocia and is available in Goreme, for which you have to get up super early in the morning to enjoy the full sky view of Cappadocia and sunrise. Truly a delightful visit.