sham regret

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Mar 2018 12:16:38


Nakshatra Punarvasu 12H 52M
Moon Mithun upto 07H 14M (Rajandekar Panchang)
Paksha Chaitra Shukla Tithi Dashami 27H 41M
Muslim Rajab 8th Hijree 1439

WHAT the Australian team did on the ground during the third Test at Cape Town in South Africa was shameful. And the crocodile tears Australian captain Steve Smith shed after being exposed was a sham of a regret. Because it was under his leadership and even his watchful eyes that the players resorted to the unethical practice of tampering the ball and gain undue advantage of its changed condition. While Steve Smith has absolved the coaches of any responsibility for the ugly episode, it is the captain who should be penalised as according to his own admission it was the “leadership group” that was involved in planning the dirty act. If it is the group decision to tamper the ball the entire group should be dealt with severely for it and not the junior newcomer in the team alone.

It is necessary for the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Australian cricket board to take a serious view of the behaviour of the Australian players because according to Steve Smith himself, he and his colleagues in the team have brought the game to grave disrepute and anybody, however great and valuable he may be, must receive due and deserving punishment and made a lesson of. The ICC has shown less tolerance for corruption anywhere among cricket playing countries in the past. The Australian team’s attempt to influence the outcome of the game by resorting to immoral ways should be treated on par with financial corruption done by players by throwing matches or through match-fixing. Great players have been shown the door in the past for their involvement in match-fixing. Ball tampering in any manner should invite similar stringent action by the ICC.

Steve Smith has said that he was not proud of what happened and has expressed deep regrets. He said that it was not what the Australian cricket team was about. He is aware that the act was not in the spirit of the game and is remorseful that his own integrity and that of the team has been damaged. If he was aware of the consequences of the action of the “leadership group” in the dressing room, why did he not stop the ugly thing from happening in the first place? In that event he would have stood out tall for preventing his colleagues from indulging in unethical practice. But he became part of that and hence was equally guilty of knowingly participating in an immoral act.
It is unfortunate that players should resort to such dirty tricks to secure a win at any cost. All cricket boards across the world should take serious note of what their players do on the ground and should show no leniency if they indulge in immoral actions on the ground.