Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Mar 2018 11:28:25





Poonam Menaria

Q 1. Hello Madam. I passed B.Com with average marks. I am around 24 years in age. I appeared in CPT (first level of chartered accountancy) and passed this in the first attempt. Then I registered for CA Inter exam but couldn’t clear it in 3 attempts. Now I feel that I am wasting my time. I need to support my family. Could you suggest a short course that would help me get a job?
- Anonymous
A: Hello, I understand what it feels like to be in a situation where we feel stuck and no movement in any direction. Since you have financial constraints and certain responsibilities, it may be better to first get a job and then plan on taking appropriate courses, especially since short-term private courses are fairly expensive and may or may not get you a job. Work on your communication and other soft skills such that you can seek jobs in the sales, marketing, banking, retail and other sectors where a specialized course is not a prerequisite. These days a lot of free online courses are available. The path is a bit uphill but if you are persistent, keen and consistent to develop yourself, appropriate options will emerge. Lastly, getting the first job is always very difficult and requires right synergy of all there is for things to click yet don't judge whether a job is small or big. Put in an honest effort and you'll surely succeed. The career road map would get evolved as you start gaining some experience in real life. You would be able to experience and decide which kind of jobs may be best for you. Best wishes.

Q 2. Hello I am Jay, a third year Mechanical Engineering student. Ma’am most of my friends are now a day’s talking about competitive exams like GATE, IES, GRE etc. They are all busy with coaching classes for the same. Till now I didn’t think much about it. But they say that as now we are in the third year of the course, it’s better to start now. Should I register myself for any such classes now? I am pretty confused now. Please give me advice in this matter.
A: Dear Jay, as you move ahead on your path of career making, there would be many situations of being in confusion and crossroads. You would get many suggestions; you would notice many options being pursued by others. This would impact you and increase your confusion. Typically there are 3 major options for career after Engineering i.e. Placement/Jobs, Higher Education and Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment. The most common is Jobs where candidates wish to apply their Engineering skills and knowledge for an organization and make a career. The higher education has dimensions of Technical or Non Technical (Management) aspects. If you have liking for any specific subject and wish to pursue it further for research or deeper understanding then PG in Engineering stream can be pursued through entrance examinations like GATE, GRE etc. It also depends whether you wish to be in India or want to go abroad. It is highly recommended that you identify your career goals based on your interest, ability and aspirations. Your goal may or may not be same as your friend's. Also discuss with your family regarding options ahead because family's support and guidance would be required for many reasons including financial implications. Most important consideration would be how you visualize yourself after few years. Your next step after BE should be aligned with your career aspiration. Need for PG degree is not same for all careers. Engineering Jobs, Academic Jobs, Govt. Jobs, Research Jobs, Management Jobs, Self -Employment, Entrepreneurship career; all these would have different path as well as preparations after BE. Remember, PG is not must or mandatory after BE unless career path requires it. Best Wishes.