Can An IT Company Like Microsoft Be Built In India?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Mar 2018 11:26:13




By dr s s rathore

As far as the question of building a company as giant as Microsoft in India is concerned, it seems to be purely hypothetical question at its face value. A true legend in IT Sector, Microsoft is after-all the company to build a previously non-existent uniqueness of the technology which people must not have ever dreamt of to witness before it’s launch. Windows, as such, made a common end-users use computers without much technical training. “Create a Microsoft here, create an Apple here, create a Google here in India, own it and manage it,” Modi said while addressing the students of SRM University in Chennai.

If ever Indians would like to do the same in near future, I am damn sure we do have all those deployment abilities and intelligence to perform well enough but at first we need to go through the same phases the way all those renowned tech geeks have gone through. Most importantly, I must say Indian academic curriculum need a drastic change if they ever dream of achieving such huge huge thing ever. No doubt we have some of the best Institutions like IITs, IIMs and I.I.Sc. in our country, but there is no visible policy and funds established by the Govt. to stop the brain-drain from our country. Despite having all such potentials our best IT professionals are choosing to be an international worker but not a global leader.

Toeing the lines of ‘Lockheed Martin Innovation Growth Program,’ India should launch intensive incentives on innovations right from the school level so as to attract more and more students towards innovative research. More funds need to diverted to establish a system that can stop brain drain. It's a good news that the Govt. is tightening norms every other day for the award of Ph.D., which would produce meaning & quality research in near future.(The author is Principal (on lien) of MIET, Gondia and can be reached at [email protected])