Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Mar 2018 10:18:29


I AM thankful to the almighty that I am blessed with a vision that can contribute to change the world. I am also aware that there are many other people like me walking around with the same vision but lack opportunities. Sadly, people don’t talk about it. To the one who is reading this article, you know about your life and the troubles you face more than anyone else. I am sure even you have people around you who are excellent in giving prejudiced advices andare apt to brain wash you to follow their path. People tend to see the extremes of the reality that they understand. What I think is, reality is individualistic. The concept of reality for you might not be the same for others.

It is as good as stepping blindly into the shoes that don’t fit you. Teenagers,for an example,face this a lot. Most popular advice given to them is either to be a doctor or an engineer, if not these, at least be a lawyer. Nothing less than that is considered as a career. Two years ago I had to face this problem as well. I naively opted to choose medicine as my career just because most of the people had advised me to. Now I understand why! Just imagine a colony of ants who work hard day and night by walking miles and miles to earn sugar. If a winged ant that is practicing to fly, lives intheir colony, the ants will consider it as an alien and compel it to behave the way they do. Fortunately and thankfully, ants are smart enough to look into their own work and this was just an imaginary example. Sadly I cannot say this inthe case of human beings who are considered to be the most sensible creatures of this world.

We are worse than my imaginary ants. We advice people to follow what we do, why, because we did the same and found ‘universally accepted definition of success’. I am not saying that your path is wrong or anything. Just let the ant who wants to fly, fly. Even if it lives amongst the creatures who have never had a chance to experience the beauty of the sky. You wouldn’t have had the fortune of witnessing the talent of your favourite artists if the people around them had succeeded to pull them to their general mob. For Sachin Tendulkar,his reality was cricket.

For Miley Cyrus, her reality was music. Einstein found his reality in science.The most successful people are the ones who had the guts to be what I call my imaginary flying ant in the colony of the regular ones. I am not asking you to dream naively without the knowledge of what you are capable of.You can not fly, no matter how hard you try, if you don’t have wings. Do what you are good at.If you like something but you arenot goodatitthenpracticehard to become better, but only if you think you have it in you. I am still not sure what I want to be. The general mob of ants around me tends to pull me down every day. But I know, what I call now as astruggle, will be quoted as a success story one day if I keep working hard and find a way to fly.I might also fall back to land and realise that I don’t have those wings but my arms and legs are powerful enough to create a fortune. Everything you believe you can do is worth giving atry. Be an abnormal amongst the normal and a normal amongst the abnormal but just don’t try to fit in.









Shreejita Shridhar

LAD college