Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Mar 2018 10:33:19


NATURE provides countless things to the living creatures. While providing it gives everything whole heartedly. The sky has no limit. Earth can not be measured. Sun gives light and energy. Air and oxygen are there for the creatures to help them to survive. There are lakes, rivers, ponds, sea, forest, mountain, galaxy with entire universe management working forthe welfare of all living beings. Nature does its work in a disciplined manner while giving fully. The great people whose work knows no bounds,but like nature they too work in a proper way.

Their work has srcupulousness. Stephen Hawking was a great scientist and well-known Physicist. Due to the illness, he became dependent. But his physical disability has not stopped him acquiring knowledge. This scientist is roaming around the world and during that tour he invented a zero gravity plane for the universe. He could do it because he was passionate about his work. His passion not only made him work but the out come of his work contributed to people’s welfare. Similarly, everybody knows a great warrior Maharana Pratap Singh, a king of very small kingdom.

He never surrendered before Badshah Akbar because of his confidence and will power.He did not care for the power of opposition and fought with valour. At the same time he was meticulous in his life. Around 43% of the total population in the country is living in slums.The people livingins lums are earning hard money by pulling rickshaw and handcart.

This section of people have unlimited strength and long lasting efforts to earn few coins for nursing their families. Thoughts and dreams do not have any limit but implementation has some limits. Education do not have any limit but study has limit. Soul does not have any limit but life has limits. Vision doesnot have any limit but sight has limit.One shouldaskoneself that how could he or she should obtain unlimited blessings in limited life?

How could he or she utilies his or her positive thoughts and dreams in limited span of implementation? How could he or she live till the existence of universe? Our positive thoughts and dreams couldcome true if we cross the limits with a positive approach.We should not was te our time in consulting people of negative thoughts. If we want to see the world after our death we should donate our eyes. If we want to make our heart alive forever, we should take a pledge to donate it. We should not limit ourselves while giving and taking.We should always have focus on the poor and the needy. We should always show readiness to help them.


Snehal Dilip Sakharkar
KDK College of Engineering