Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Mar 2018 11:30:33


AS PAKISTAN moves closer to China, America has belatedly begun to realise its erstwhile ally being a security risk. The latest move by the Trump Administration to add seven Pakistani companies forming security risk to America’s interests is indicative of the growing restlessness and coldness in the relations of the two nations. It is surprising that the US should feel concerned now about some of the Pakistani entities being involved in “proliferation of unsafeguarded nuclear activities” when for the entire world it was a common knowledge. Pakistani nuclear scientist, A. Q. Khan, claimed to be the father of Pakistani nuclear bomb, was identified worldwide as the prime source of proliferation of nuclear technology and know-how with some of the countries becoming his clients. But Pakistan escaped being penalised thanks to the patronage Washington provided to it. United States cannot pretend now that it was not aware of what Pakistan was doing. It now remains to be seen what consequences Pakistan faces in the wake of the latest US mandate.


INTERNET is fast becoming a safe haven for smugglers and narcotic traders thanks to its ease of doing anonymous business using cryptocurrency. Anti-narcotics agencies are grappling with a new trend of darknet and use of bitcoins in smuggling of banned drugs in the garb of pharma medicines. This is one challenge that needs immediate solution given its probability of turning into a gigantic mess. Already struggling to deal with loose sale of over-the-counter drugs the Government regulators have their hands full with this new trend of using cryptocurrencies for online purchase of pharma products. The decision to allow online sale of drugs itself was laced with major flaws in the backdrop of inadequate regulations monitoring the veracity of products and purchasers. Use of cryptocurrencies has further added to the vortex due to inadequacies in prevailing cyber laws. At present there is a huge ambiguity on use of cryptocurrencies and its platforms. It is high time the Government came out with a clear interpretation of restraint on cryptoassets.