Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Mar 2018 11:48:52

THE Supreme Court has done well to issue a very stern warning to the Government about management of garbage. It has cautioned that one day the country will go under garbage if solid waste management is not spruced up on an urgent basis. That such a warning has become necessary despite the massive and impressive Swacchha Bharat campaign launched by none other than Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi three years ago, indicates the seriousness of the issue. It is obvious that Swacchha Bharat campaign could not trigger the society’s imagination so as to mobilise a larger action. At least until now, the action under Swacchha Bharat is restricted only to what the Government does while the people at large are only fringe participants in the effort. This may be one of the reasons why the honourable Supreme Court felt compelled to step in to make the scathing observation that some day may not be too distant in the future when India would sink under garbage. This stern word should wake up the whole country. It is time the Government and people joined hands for the common cause.


ONE of the major scourges afflicting rural areas of North India are the diktats issued by Khap panchayats mostly violating personal lives of villagers. The intrusions by Khap panchayats in inter-faith or inter-caste marriages has come under severe castigation from the Supreme Court. The apex court is absolutely right in pulling the Khaps for behaving like self-appointed conscience keepers of the society. Marriage between two adults is a totally legal and valid association that does not deserve interference from any third party. Khap panchayats, the dogma-ridden community groups of village elders, have always taken matter to the extent of unleashing violence in case of inter-faith marriages. The Khaps have no legal sanctity to act as a judicial body in matters of personal faith and sacred institutions like marriage. The apex court’s stern warning to bodies like Khaps is a welcome step on which the Government must act. The Khaps, too, must wake up to the overall social situation and go for progressive reforms.