Room for improvement

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Mar 2018 09:32:01


He may be the most in demand playback singers in Bollywood but Arijit Singh does not believe that he has achieved his full potential.

The singer, who is in almost all the films and has a number of chartbusters to his credit, says he wants to be known as an all-rounder.
“I would like to try other languages which I have not explored yet. I’ve been singing variety of genres in different languages for a while now. It helps me push myself to new tangents. My goal is to be dynamic,” he told PTI.
The singer is currently on a tour, produced by Wizcraft, and performed in Mumbai recently.

“I wanted to reach out to my fans all over and what better way than this? This concept is something that we have never done before.
“I want my fans to create their own moments in their space while listening to his songs in their own personal individual cocoon.”

Having performed live on numerous occasions, Arijit says for him singing live and in a studio are two completely different experiences.

“For me, performing live is like inviting people over for a house party where I can sing my heart out while people around me are joining it. When I am on stage I make sure to interact with audiences. You do not have to think of perfection that much while doing live. While, studio recording is a different experience as it is very technical,” he said.

Asked if he has achieved what he dreamt of, Arijit, 30, said, “I just keep going with the flow and keep doing my little experiments. I am confident and optimistic about the future.”