Celebrating Woman’s Life

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Mar 2018 10:37:19


TWO days from today the International Women’s DAY will be celebrated. The Women’s DAY is celebrated on the March 8 every year. Now you must be wondering why I am highlighting the word DAY again and again. On that note, here is my question …is a DAY enough to celebrate womanhood? Are 24 hours enough to realise your gratitude towards the women in your life?

It felt great when my friends, relatives, etc. wished me a “Happy Women’s Day” and made me realise how they value me in their life. But on the second thought why don’t we celebrate this everyday? Be it our mother, sister or friend, they are always there when we need them. Think a day without your mother…nothing in place! Think a day without your sister…no one to share! Think a day without your girl best friend…no fun! Then why do we wait for March 8 every year?

At this time when women are at the peak of success, there are a lot of things we don’t acknowledge about them. Just turn your head in any field and you will find women shining bright. Be it sports, business, studies or leading the world, she leaves everyone behind. Then why do we underestimate every other woman we meet?

On one hand there is woman cricket team winning matches, on the other hand girls are being married off at 16. Here, she is fighting for the country and there she is fighting for life to give a boy to the family. In a country, where a woman owns a multinational company, in the same country a girl is burned for dowry. If a girl succeeds, people say “Let her fly as high as she wants, after all she has to die in the kitchen!” and when she fails, they say “She is a girl, what else do you expect?”

Where a boy almost kills another boy staring at his sister, the same boy whistles at a girl in a skirt or saree! Just because every girl is not related to him, his behaviour tends to change. While you hear or see the cases of eveteasing, have you ever heard matters of Adam-teasing? No? It is because it almost doesn’t exist!

Just making a woman’s day in a year good won’t change things much for her. Rather try to change the mentality towards a woman’s life. Just give her some support, a little motivation and she’ll dedicate her life for you. Believe me, no extra money charged and no terms and conditions applied. And in the end, here’s wishing a “Happy Woman’s LIFE” to every girl and woman out there. With love…from a girl.


Sakshi Mishra
BE Third Year.
Jhulelal Institute of Technolog