Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Mar 2018 11:05:56










THAT as many as 88,000 people die of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) in the United States every year, to say the least, is horrifying. If for an advanced country like the United States, health standards are supposed to be of the highest order, then the problem needs to be viewed with greater seriousness. This also shows that no country in the world can claim with certainty that they do not face such problems. In fact, it is a global phenomenon which cannot be ignored because it has serious consequences for those hospitalised, especially in the public health facilities. If the United States has such a problem, then the less said the better about countries like India where poor health standards and callous upkeep of general hospitals, particularly in the public sector or even in big private hospitals is the norm. According to the estimates of the World Health Organisation (WHO), in India the HAI incidence is one of the highest in the world. That should cause concern to medical fraternity and health authorities in the Government. This is one area that has received much less attention.