Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Mar 2018 11:16:52


By anita rao

Women Entrepreneurship has succinctly been defined by the Government of India as ‘An Enterprise owned and controlled by a women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of the employment generated to women’.

The Silent Transition: In India, women constitute about 48% while their participation in economic activities is about 34%.With the spread of education and awareness women have slowly but firmly shifted from the extended kitchen, handicrafts and traditional cottage industries to almost all sectors of business be in heavy industry or Healthcare. Anu Aga of THERMAX and Kiran Muzumdar Shaw of BIOCON have shown us all what a women can achieve if she sets her heart and mind to it.

Of Agony and Ecstasy : But it has never been easy for her. There are days when a woman has to fight the society, her own family and the system to make each one of them, understand that there is a fire in her belly too to the, that cannot be put off easily. There are days when a woman after fulfilling her duties as a wife , mother , daughter, daughter-in-law at home, rushes to her office only to take a 360 degrees turn and become the all encompassing Boss, in search of leadership glory and fulfilment in making her enterprise the best. Can anyone understand how difficult this effortless looking role changing can be? Ask an Indira Nooyi or a Shahnaaz Hussain, they will tell you the guilt trip they have gone through during their journey towards unprecedented success!

The Paradigm Shift: The paradigm shift in the emergence of women entrepreneurs from a cocooned business women, to a proxy Entrepreneur (when the women took the backseat and the husband or other male member of the family held the remote control of the business) to the Award winning calling-the-short Entrepreneur has been through several ups and downs. Over a period of time there are many reasons for this change. Primary among them are the need and desire for economic independence among women, the dream to have their own identity, developing risk taking abilities, family support, exposure to the outside world, nuclear family structure where there is a need for double income etc.

The Glory : Women are born with excellent managerial abilities. In their daily life they have to manage their family members and outsiders with whom they interact daily. This inherent ability of a woman is known to spill over their corporate life and as Entrepreneurs. In India, since the 1970's women started chopping away the last and most enduring bastion of male dominance -Entrepreneurship. Today we can see women Entrepreneurship in all her glory not only in the Metro cities but also in the two tier and even the three tier cities of India. Of late, strong patriarchal roots and skewed man-women ratio have slowly given way to equality of sexes, education for women, and a gradual shift in society's attitude towards women entrepreneurship has helped her to rise like a phoenix and get firmly ensconced in the entrepreneurial throne.

The Support: Today the Government of India is all focused in women empowerment through entrepreneurship which is the best way for economic development. The Government is rigorously promoting self employment among women through various schemes and special entrepreneurial training programmes to help women start their own venture. Financial Institutions and Banks have set up special cells to assist women entrepreneurs.
The Path to Success: Women entrepreneurship has still a long way to go. If a women wishes to be equal contributor to the nation building, she has to embrace Entrepreneurship in totality. Entrepreneurship should not remain just an extension of her hobby to be practised in her spare time when the husband and children are away from home. Some measures women in and around Nagpur can adopt for serious entrepreneurship is to attend confidence building training modules, take the support of several non government organizations like Vidarbha Industries Association(VIA) the Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE-WE),Vidarbha Management Association (VMA)etc to hone her entrepreneurial skills, effectively and efficiently use information technology in her business, take the assistance of Banks/Government for funding needs, and also chalk out a well rounded work life balance plan.

The Deja Vu : With some great planning, hard work, dedication, and by remaining focused, nobody can stop a women entrepreneur from ‘yatra naaryastu poonjyante tatra nandanti devataah’ a Sanskrit proverb meaning ‘where women are given a respectable sacred place, Gods and Goddesses enjoy being there.’

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said, “When women move forward, the family moves ,the village moves and the nation moves.”So let us rejoice being women and pledge our support as Entrepreneurs to make India the number one country in the world.
Amen !