Are pseudo schools (tuition classes) in our national interest?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Apr 2018 09:16:16





THE subject this week may rankle many. For, it would hit at their weakness directly. For some, it may mean an attack on their commercial interests. Yet, in larger interest of the society, it is necessary to raise the issue once again. “Loud Thinking’ has seen this issue come up time and again over the years. This time, it has come up in larger social interest.
This issue relates to education at levels beyond ninth standard.

It relates to the malaise of tuitions which every student MUST take if he -- or she -- has to score high marks. So each student joins some or the other tuition class at a huge cost -- upward of one lakh rupees at the lowest level. In some classes, the child pays Rs. 1 lakh per subject. One wonders from where the parents draw up such huge sums of money.

I have seen literally hundreds of known families sending their wards to tuition classes right in the ninth standard. Not only do they send the kids to local classes, but also to far off places like Delhi or Rajasthan where a whole new culture of tuition classes has come up. There are proper buildings of these classes, complete with residential hostels with all facilities. The kids going there from far off places spend two years minimum attending those tuition classes. They then return to their hometowns to appear for 10th or 12th Class examinations of respective boards.

What has shocked me no end is that even principals and teachers in schools have gone out of the way to secure ADMISSIONS to their wards in tuition classes. Why don’t they teach their wards at home when they are teachers? Why don’t principals of schools ensure that the teaching in their schools is good enough to help their kids score good marks in get into competitive careers?

Whenever I tried to ask this question to these honourable persons, they looked at me as if I was a bloody fool and naive man who does not know the practical reality.

For their benefit, I may assert: Friends, please call me what you will, but I will never stop raising this issue. For, I believe that whatever we are dishing by way of education is not what education should be like. I believe that if we continue to conduct our kids’ education in such a manner, then in the long run, we will hurt our national interests.

A person like me would never want to hurt anybody’s commercial interests. But if those commercial interests are against national interest, then I will never stop raising my voice in this regard.

I express my opposition to this crass culture of tuition classes in strongest of terms because I believe that the whole thing is against national interests. I am also aware that I am in a hopeless minority on this point. Yet, that does not make much difference to me. For, at least, I have done the right thing.