Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Apr 2018 11:22:49









IF the reports of chemical attacks on civilians in Douma town of Eastern Ghouta in Syria are true then the Bashar al-Assad regime must be condemned for this barbaric act. According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights the Syrian regime used poisonous chlorine gas in the assault that killed 80 civilians. The images of toddlers foaming at the mouth show the attackers’ abhorrence for humanity and utter disdain for laws of war. Investigations will bring to fore the culprits in due course but it would not mitigate the pain caused to innocent families that are caught in this grisly war between the State and the rebels in Ghouta. Syria is constantly on the boil with Assad adopting extreme means to subjugate rebellion. But use of chemicals on own children is an unpardonable crime. The Assad Government, backed by Russia, has quickly gone into denial mode over the attacks. Their denial of the attacks would hardly subside world’s outrage against the means both are using in Syria. Immediate intervention by the United Nations and a diplomatic solution can only stop such massacres in the future.

PM’S 3Rs

PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi believes that strict adherence to the 3Rs --- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle --- would lead to sustainable development of mankind. In a message to the forthcoming conference of the Regional 3R Forum for Asia and Pacific being held in Indore, the Prime Minister has laid stress on this basic mantra. But the basic need for the 3Rs to yield desired result is the participation of every stakeholder in the mission. Because unless every citizen looks upon this mantra with conviction there would be no results forthcoming. That the Prime Minister gives so much importance to waste management for sustainable development of mankind shows the proportion to which waste management has become a problem. And therefore the need to take up the challenge of waste management. The best example is that of the Ganga cleaning mission. Over the last more than two decades various Governments have taken up the challenge to clean the Ganga . But the goal is nowhere to be realised because of lack of public support.