Drive to administer PVC begins at Waraseoni District Hospital

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Apr 2018 10:25:44




Campaign to administer Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine (PCV) among infants less than 1 year of age was initiated at the local government hospital from Saturday. The campaign was inaugurated in presence of Waraseoni-Khairlanji MLA by administering vaccination to the three-month old son of Dr Umesh Turkar. Block Medical Officer, Dr Ravindra Tathod informed about new initiative of State Government to protect infants from Pneumonia and Meningitis through vaccination. The vaccination will be administered free of cost under Vaccination programme on every Tuesday and Friday at the government hospital. The PCV is availabled in Rs. 3, 000 in open market.BMO Dr. Tathod informed that the vaccination will be administered in three doses to the infants at the age of one-n-half months, three months and nine months.

PCB vaccination will help to reduce child mortality graph due to Pneumonia and Meningitis in the State. Dr Tathod informed that the government has intended to provide proper vaccination coverage to protect kids to become an easy prey of diarrhea, Hepatitis B and other common diseases. PCV is being given with nine other vaccinations. As per Amended National Vaccination programme list, the newly born is administered with Hepatitis B within 24 hours, polio vaccination within 15 days, BCG within one year, vaccinations of Polio, Rota Virus, FLPV, PCV, first dose of Pentavalent vaccine at the time of one-n-half month, polio, rota virus and Pentavalent at the age of two-n-half month, Polio, Rota Virus, FLPC, PCV and Pentavalent at three-n-half month, Vitamin A, Measles, PCV on 9 month, Vitamin A, Polio, Measles, DPT between 14 months to 2 years and DPT vaccine when the kids becomes 5 to 6 years old. He appealed common public to avail benefits of various health schemes being implemented by the State Government and administer complete vaccination list to ensure a healthy life for babies.