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By ashwajeet dive,

“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.”

An average dream lasts merely for seconds. Let the sun rise and only part of it is remembered. That's definitely not the kind of dream I'd talk about in this editorial. I'd be referring to the dream that has longing, dream that you can't take off your head, dream that you see when you're wide awake. I ain't good at speaking in riddles. So you must have figured what exactly I'm getting at. Yes, I'm alluding to goal, ambition or aspiration.

Now, it cannot be the first time that you're reading something on aspiration. It's further impossible for you to be unfamiliar with it. After all, you were being asked about it ever since you were a child. Did you recall your childhood? How could you explain the existence of people's curiosity in knowing your aim for life then? Is it really that necessary to be aspired? You'd probably amount to something even in the absence of goal. Many people do. Then why on earth should it bother you? Why is every other person motivating you to dream, to be ambitious? What difference does it make? Why is it so damn important? Before you put on your thinking cap and present your valuable opinions (which by the way are still welcomed via email), let's see if we could find some answers.

Have you ever felt a strong desire to achieve something: fame, career position or anything? You must have. We all have. However, not all of us would pursue it, because sometimes it takes more than determination to reach the destination. And of course, there are several other factors (if only you believe they exist). Anyway, let us refrain from discussing what it takes to fulfill the dreams, for that would be a different conversation altogether. The article isn't meant for it. It is being aimed at the dreamers and is penned to let everyone learn what it is like to wake up with a dream.

You have purpose and you act purposely
'Success is the sum of small efforts,' says Robert Collier, 'repeated day in and day out'. The way you spend your day largely determines how successful you'd be. Pretend spending it with no specific object. How'd it be like? Where'd you direct your actions, if at all you take any? The answer's nowhere. You'd probably do random, irrelevant things and waste it. The biggest significance of having a dream lies in the fact that it gives you a purpose (which leads to actions). You have definite plans for everyday as when and what you'd do. And even if you don’t, you can't help utilizing time in whichever manner possible. You try to make the most of every single minute. Most importantly, you act. And you act to make things happen.

You're likely to take total control of your habits and choices
We really are the outcome of our habits and choices. And only when we have control over these, we're truly disciplined. Speaking of discipline, while surfing the internet I stumbled across its simplest (and may perhaps its best) definition as given by the Alabama based psychotherapist, Augusta F. Kantra. In her view, discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want the most. He who wants to succeed must choose the latter, but it's easier said than done. However, when you're driven by the strong desire of accomplishing something you end up choosing what is right, often as not. Conclusively, you discipline yourself. Thanks to the goal you have in sight you're in control of what shapes your life.

You can see where you'd be in say five years
The legendary Abraham Lincoln once said, 'the best way to predict the future is to create it'. Or was it someone else who did? Regardless of who it was, what's being said is one hundred percent true. That brings me to a question majority interviewers (not necessarily the recruiters) would need you answered: 'Where do you see yourself five years from today?' Now that's not easy to answer. How could it possibly be? You don't know the future. Nobody does. What you do know is that you have a dream. You're aiming for something. It has given you a cause to work without tiring and a reason to stop at nothing. And you're giving your all. Hence the result largely, if not completely, depends on you. You're basically the maker of your future. So you can clearly see where'd or who'd you rather be.

Dreams keep you motivated and undistracted
I believe the greatest quality of an achiever is his/her ability to dispense with things others can't. They can live without the internet (social media included). They can do away with procrastination. They can prevent disorientation. In a word, they can stop distractions from diverting their focus, which by no means is easy especially these days. What helps them keep distractions at bay is their long-sought goal. They're provided with right sort of motivation. They've dreamed of something and it's occupying their mind all the time, as if nothing else exists. It might sound a bit unreal, but for the most part it isn't. Nothing succeeds in drawing a dreamer's attention away from his/her goal and thereby the things he/she wants to do.

You become a source of inspiration
Everyone is influential, but not everyone inspires. The people around you, they listen to your thoughts. They sense your desperation. They see your dedication and that you're trying your heart out with devotion. They thus receive the encouraging vibes emitted by you. Chances are some of them might get ignited by the fire in your belly. You never know whom you inspire unknowingly. Now, it may not be counted as achievement, certainly not. But, you've made a difference in their lives. You've impacted them in a positive way. It doesn't matter how long the impression lasts. What matters is that you've become a source of inspiration.

So, be ambitious. 'If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working on it,' says Michael Jordon. Be after your dream, not just for the obvious benefits but because it's worth it (this is the part where you might wanna reread the words mentioned at the very beginning of this article).
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