Villages on outskirts of city facing water crisis

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Apr 2018 10:18:16



By Tara Chettur

The villages situated on the outskirts areas of State capital are facing the blues of water crisis. They are mostly dependent on wells and tubewells and water level of most of them have gone down. These villages also have piped water supply but the number of tap connections could be counted on fingers and water supply through pipeline is irregular.Adding to the woes, the main water supply pipeline has developed a leakage in Gol Gaon in Kolar and even after passing away of many days, concerned authorities have not made efforts to repair the leaking water supply line. Hence, a good amount of water is getting wasted due to leakage problem. Many villagers also tries to use the leaking water for bathing purpose and washing their vehicles.

But this leaking water supply pipeline has also started to pose another kind of problem to villagers. Wild animals are getting attracted towards the water holes developed by the leaking pipe line. Such kind of activities of wild animals have infused a fear among the hearts of villagers. Villagers said that they have many times approached concerned authorities and demanded that leaked water pipeline should be repaired as it is attracting wild animals but to no avail. Gol Gaon is situated near Raisen forest where tigers are sighted often.Henceforth, villagers fear that there are also chances of feline getting attracting to water holes developed by leaking water supply line. Rashid Khan, an Environmentalist, says that it is the need of the hour that leaking water supply line should be repaired immediately as not only water is getting wasted but also water crisis situation is getting aggravated due to leakage in pipe line.