Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Apr 2018 11:56:30










AMID growing calls of ‘Delete Facebook’ all over the world, the social media giant’s Chairman, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, has tendered apology to the US Congress. Mr. Zuckerberg’s owning of responsibility over the data hijacking by British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica might marginally arrest the slide of Facebook shares but that is a very small part of the story. The big test for Mr. Zuckerberg is ensuring foolproof security of Fb users’ personal data that has been abused and manipulated by firms like Cambridge Analytica at the behest of certain political parties. There is no quick-fix to the problem whose massive magnitude caught Facebook Inc. napping. In fact, the controllers of this popular social media platform did not even comprehend the lurking dangers of data compromise when they started Fb. The problem went out of hand soon and despite regular alerts Facebook simply lacked the mechanism to shut the leak. Mr. Zuckerberg’s admission of lapses must be followed with concrete measures to regain Facebook users’ trust.


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s brand new term Swachhagraha is very meaningful. He has urged the nation to undertake a new journey from Satyagraha to Swachhagraha because he believes that Swachha Bharat programme must have a strong spiritual core so that the concept becomes integrally attached to Indian culture. When he first talked of Swachha Bharat, the Prime Minister insisted that keeping out surroundings clean meant keeping the country clean. Unfortunately, that message did not make the desired impact on the society. Without getting disappointed, the Prime Minister has now talked of Swachhagraha as a matter of a cultural evolution of the society. Swachhagraha means insistence upon cleanliness as a cultural value. Mr. Modi now wishes to drive home the point by linking it to the old word Satyagraha. It has a special significance in Indian mind. Mr. Modi now wishes to appeal to every Indian to carry forward the concept of Swachha Bharat in the same manner as did Mahatma Gandhi with Satyagraha. This is a very meaningful invocation.