Involve God in every moment: Dada Ratanamohini

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Apr 2018 10:32:07



Staff Reporter

“Falling in want of world things we all fail in remembering God. Following allurement of materialistic worldly things we forget ‘Saar’ the ultimate strength of life, God and fall in grief and sorrow. In order to make your world happy and life full of pleasant happenings then involve God in every moment”. The words were said by Dada Ratanamohini, Joint Chief Administrator of Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya while delivering preaching to devotees at Dhanvantari Nagar situated Gyan Sanjeevani Bhawan, on Wednesday in series of events being organised to Mark the Golden Jubilee Celerbation of the institution. Addressing the gathering of devotees Dadi Ratnamohini Ji described why people don't remember God because we live in world where we associate things with our body and remains in world where body is everything for us and its relations. In this whole we forget that we are not body but are souls and our main relation Atman is related to Parmatama.

Dadiji further said that the memory of God could be permanent when we would devote our work and our responsibility to God. She said that what we have done work in routine is being done as per wish of our Atman our Soul. We should remind that I am only part of the work but is special while being son of God and all the qualities in me are of my almighty. Dadi Ratnamohini showered blessings on mammoth gathering of devotees attending the programme.
Eminent Brahmakumari Women Wing Head, Sharda Didi delivering preaching said that to earn blessings from God we should adopt knowledge in our life. Indore Zone Head, Kamla Didi, Coordinator, Hemlata Didi, Ujjain's Usha Didi also addressed the meeting. Welcome address and vote of thanks was proposed by Smiriti Bhawan, Incharge, Bhawan Behanji.