Lawbreakers trying every possible trick to get ASPs transferred

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Apr 2018 11:00:34



By Ashish Rajput

POLICE Department’s crackdown on criminals has definitely yielded positive results. This can be made sure from the fact that criminals, including satta kingpins and drug mafia, keeping aside their internal conflicts have united against two police officials including ASP (Crime) Sandeep Mishra and ASP Rajesh Tiwari (North). It seems that criminals in Jabalpur are hatching a conspiracy to use their monetary influence to somehow mount pressure and get the duo officials, ASP Sandeep Mishra and ASP Rajesh Tiwari, transferred from the district.

Following the instructions of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Crime Branch of Jabalpur Police and Additional SP (North) did a great job in checking cases of eve-teasing, busted several drug rackets, arrested absconding criminals and solved blind murder mysteries within a short span. Despite communal tension and caste-based agitation across the State, not a single clash or agitation was reported in Jabalpur. It seems the special campaign initiated by District Force and Crime Branch has triggered panic amongst kingpins and anti-social elements involved in various organised crime. Most of the gangsters and anti-social elements are underground and trying to use their monetary influence.

It may be recalled that after a long interval Jabalpur police were given authority to check crime and act sternly against criminals. Two senior cops took-up the task to eradicate organised crime in the district. Along with solving several pending sensitive crime cases, these senior cops succeeded in apprehending wanted criminals and paraded them publicly. This instilled a sense of fear among criminals and equally boosted people’s confidence and faith on Police Department. Special hunting campaign of police forced gangsters to disappear or stop their illegal business. Right from trade and transportation of narcotic substances and illegal trade of liquor, ASP, Rajesh Tiwari and ASP, Sandeep Mishra ensured complete check on increasing network of hi-tech gambling and arms trade. Combined team of Crime Branch and police brilliantly solved blind murder mysteries of killing a 13-year-old girl in Adhartal and shootout of a contractor in Gora Bazar and nabbed the accused from other districts. Police headquarters declared high alert in the State post violence in Gwalior and Bharat Bandh but not a single untoward incident was reported following vigilant working of ASP (Crime) and ASP (North). It is time for the State Government and police headquarters to boost the morale of these two dedicated officers and continue this phenomena of instilling fear amongst criminals and ensure peace across the district.