Long halt of ambulance exp at Itarsi troubles patients

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Apr 2018 10:25:04



Staff Reporter

Train numbered 12160 Jabalpur-Amrawati superfast express having earned fame to be known as ambulance express. As the train that gets started from Jabalpur to Amrawati till Itarsi has proved of immense worth to large number of indisposed passengers. The train from the time of its inception has proved blessing in disguise to indisposed passengers to obtain befitting medical treatment at Nagpur and Amrawati. But the elongated stop of the train at Itarsi junction that on average is around 50 min to one hour causes panic among passengers who turn highly apprehensive on the long stoppage at Itarsi station.
About the superfast train to Amrawati operated by WCR has over the years proved blessing in disguise to large number of passengers who victim of medical apathy at Jabalpur and its surrounding stations are finally referred to Nagpur and Amrawati for better line of diagnosis for their persisting state of indisposition. Apparently very seldom the train ever runs late from its schedule and serves as standard basis for other train to adhere to norm of punctuality.

Passengers for whom the Ambulance express has been operating for quite some time despite the fact that it maintains its correct time of operation has caused exasperation after the train is halted at Itarsi station for almost an hour duration. Reportedly, the train having the status of superfast tag the elongated halt at Itarsi is itself a issue of concern as why a superfast train is being detained at a junction station for long duration. As under the standard stoppages in Indian railways the maximum stoppage is around 10 min duration and can be extended in case of change of locomotive if mandatory. About the running of the train it is informed departs from Jabalpur at 20.50 hours stops at Madanmahal, Shridham, Narsinghpur, Kareli, Gadarwara, Piparia, Sohagpur and arrives Itarsi at 0105hours. The train is made to stop for 35 minutes and departs from Itarsi at 0140 hours, Reaches Nagpur at 0625 hours halts for 10 minutes and departs at 0635 hours and reaches Amrawati at 0950 hours.

From the time of its inception the train barring few occasions reaches Itarsi around 0040 hours to 0050hours. Around 30 minutes before time from its schedule arrival. Having arrived before time the train departs at 0140 hours. On an average the ambulance train carrying large number of indisposed passengers to Nagpur and Amrawati stops at Itarsi for around 50-55 minutes duration against its stipulated halt of 35 minutes. The elongated halting time at Itarsi has proved troublesome to passengers on board who stranded at the railway platform are exposed to most unhygienic conditions that include odour and mosquito menace make passengers highly apprehensive. The elongated halt at the junction station adds much trouble to patients traveling in the train. Gunjan Gupta Chief Spokesperson responding exclusively to ‘The Hitavada’ said in view of the elongated stoppage at Itarsi of the superfast train that accounts for trouble for large number of passengers on board. We have taken gravity of
situation and optimal efforts would be made by the administration to provide respite to passengers. The concern department would be asked to standardise the stoppage time at Itarsi junction.

It may be mentioned here that earlier, at Itarsi junction there used of change of locomotive, as from Itarsi electric locomotive was made operational for the train. But recently due to accomplishment of electrification in between Jabalpur–Itarsi section now the train runs with the electric locomotive from Jabalpur itself consequently time loss due to change of locomotive has also been eliminated.