Aditya Raj Kapoor, joy of biking, and 35,000 km world tour at 60!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Apr 2018 09:14:42


Staff Reporter,

“Overall, I enjoyed biking at 60,” said Aditya Raj Kapoor, son of the legendary actor-couple Shammi Kapoor and late Geeta Bali, concluding his talk on his 35,000 km world tour on a bike. However, for the Rotarians and motorbike and expedition enthusiasts who had listened to his talk, a new enthusiasm was germinating, and they were recalling what they had heard from Aditya Raj Kapoor.

Aditya Raj Kapoor, who calls himself ‘Lord FuseBox’, and describes himself as a ‘retired businessman, part time actor, and a full time biker’, had reached Nagpur from Raipur on Thursday on his solo world tour, on a bike that saw him cover Russia, other countries in Europe, USA, and also other countries. He reached Kolkata via Myanmar and started for Raipur two days ago from there. He is driving a new Triumph Bonneville, which has endured the entire ride, with almost no hiccups.

The tyres were changed at 28,000 kms though. The service interval is 12,000 kms. He maintained his schedule all through, starting in the morning but not very early, halting for lunch by 1.30 pm, a short cat nap of 30 minutes with his head resting on the dining table, tea around 4 pm and dinner at night, but never driving at night. The halt was made at the nearest town post dusk or around dusk, for the very fact that he was alone.

Rotary Club of Nagpur had organised his talk at Chitnavis Centre on Thursday. Dr Jerestin Watchmaker, Secretary, Rotary Club of Nagpur; and Kapil Bahri, President-Elect, also shared the dais on the occasion.
Aditya Raj Kapoor was energetic, and shared his biking experience with the Rotarians. He said that he had turned a biker at a late age and had started with the RE Bullet just three to four years ago. At the age of 60 years, he has had no untoward incident of any kind, anywhere and carries pleasant memories from every country he rode through.

In Europe and Russia, Aditya Raj Kapoor became friendly with several truckers. He had misplaced his bike keys in Siberia that unnerved his confidence on the fourth day of his trip. He had duplicate keys but upon searching his jacket, he could locate the original in an non-lockable sleeve of his jacket. Thereafter, he systematised all his stuff in his outfit including mobile phones, credit/debit cards, keys, purse etc with chocolates being tucked up in the upper pocket for easier accessibility.

Narrating an interesting experience, he said that in a highway hotel in Russia, the menu card was in Russian. There was a long queue of truckers behind him. He was unable to order and could only understand something like kidney beans for Rajma. A lady asked him, “Indian?” and he said, “Yes”. The lady disappeared to return after some time with a tray full of Indian dishes for him.

Again in Russia, a lady aged about 45 years, came to him at a petrol station and asked him about his identity. Aditya told him that he was from India. She saw his passport that read Aditya Raj Kapoor. The words Raj Kapoor spelt magic and she called her husband Boris, a six-and-a-half footer from nearby. Upon knowing that he was the nephew of the showman Raj Kapoor, the hubby started singing ‘Mera joota hain Japani...’, and told Aditya to get off his bike and dance with his wife, while he sang.

While near Geneva Lake (in the Alps in Switzerland), a biker on a 1,600 cc Yamaha bike approached him and asked him about his tour. He parked his bike very close, just kissing Aditya’s bike. He hugged him after knowing that he was an Indian, and also about his 35,000 km world tour. They chatted for a while. A lady then came and asked them to pay the toll fee of 50 Euros (approximately Rs 4,000/-) to cross the lake. The other biker paid for Aditya, telling the lady that he was a tourist. The biker never asked Aditya for his e-mail or contact and said goodbye and disappeared. “Such is the heart to heart camaraderie among fellow bikers,” Aditya Raj Kapoor mentioned fondly.

However, Aditya Raj Kapoor said, he had just a few regrets though. He wished he was leaner. He also regretted that he carried about 10 kg of excess luggage from home, and he gave it away en route. He did not have any health issues, but just a viral infection near Washington DC (USA). He carried all his first aid medicines from India that came handy.
After listening to his experiences and connecting with his emotions, the members of the audience gave a big round of applause to the ‘Lord FuseBox’, the full-time biker.