Dancing is life

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Apr 2018 11:25:23


Multi-talented Prabhudheva, who has made his mark as an actor, dancer, choreographer and filmmaker, turned 45 recently. He says dance is an extension of his personality and he cannot imagine life without it.

“I think dance is my extension. There is nothing that I can imagine without dance. I see the visual first... I approach dance in a very raw way and then I am a bundle of emotions. It is a very pure thing that happens between my emotions and physical movements, and nothing comes in between.

“Everything changes when I dance... I am a taskmaster there, I am creator, I am high on dance, my expression, body language... I am like a fire,” Prabhudheva told IANS.
What is the element that keeps the audience hooked to his performances on-screen?

“Well, I think if you people liked all my dances it is because of the element between what it looks like and what it actually is. That is the magic. You see, as an audience when you watch a dance, you want to see it like an easy dance that anybody can try and do successfully. While that made you try out the step, you cannot get it perfectly because it is slightly twisted, slightly different and rather difficult for a commoner.”

Asked if he imposes his star power as an actor, Prabhudheva said: “With experience, I have become more focused and I have no problem taking instructions. When I work in a film like an actor, I do not interfere or try to use my seniority or impose anything on the filmmaker.
“That is wrong. Unless I agree upon a director’s vision, I will not sign a film. If I signed it, I should follow his vision.”