CCTV cameras to monitor twin city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Apr 2018 09:25:16


Staff Reporter,


Efforts to develop twin city Durg-Bhilai into a high-tech city is no longer a far-fetched dream. The administration has started installing high-tech cameras, replacing the old one at the four-lane and main squares of the city. The system would help to track people who flout traffic rules. Over 100 CCTV cameras will monitor twin-city which will also help in curbing crime. All the signals throughout the route from Durg to Bhilai including at four-lane upto Kumhari will be under CCTV surveillance. Cameras on these paths would capture each and every movement. They are also equipped with high speed Wi-Fi network. This will help in keeping a vigil on those trying to flout the traffic rules as they could be trapped easily, claimed the district police.

Here it may be mentioned that earlier CCTV cameras were installed at main squares of the city. These cameras were also working but later, with the passing of time and due to lack of proper maintenance, they got defunct. From Durg to Bhilai and Kumhari cameras were installed in every square, but presently the condition is that not a single camera isworking! So, a plan has chalked out to replace them with new ones, and the District Police Department is installing cameras at every squares. These CCTV cameras are being installed by a Delhi based company.

Under the first phase from Durg to Bhilai and Kumhari more than 100 cameras are being installed at 11 squares of the city. The specialty of these high-tech cameras is that it can take clear pictures in the night too. With night vision lenses, the other specialty of these cameras is that they will work even when there is no electricity as they are equipped with chargeable batteries that will keep the cameras working even when there is not electricity. In every square around 6 to 8 cameras will be installed. Presently at Gurudawara Square, Nehru Nagar, Supela Sqaure and Chandra Maurya Sqaure, these cameras are been installed and work is in progress at other squares.

Project Manager of the Company said that the range of these cameras is around 80 to 90 meters and will cover the squares completely. In range the pictures will be so clear that everything can be seen very clearly, and can be turn in degrees as such each camera can keep vigil on its four sides. The directions of the cameras will be in such a manner that it will keep vigil on those vehicles running in high speed while overlooking signals. And will also clearly trace the registration number of vehicles.