Journey to bestseller-‘The Amigos’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Apr 2018 12:30:18


Staff Reporter,

Rahul Tiwari is an electronics engineer and after working in IT companies like Wipro and IBM for 6 years, he quit his job to follow his dream and writing books is a part his dream. He currently lives in Jabalpur and spends his time as a farmer and an entrepreneur. He is a gamer by choice and loves travelling.

Q How do feel after achieving this landmark, did you ever expect this to happen ?

A. I really, feel happy about this and off course I am thrilled with this achievement and surely would like to thank everyone behind this Almighty, my parents, my wife and my co-author for guiding me through this journey all through.

Q What is ‘The Amigos’ all about?

A. Its a story of friendship, bonding, growing up and revolution. ‘The Amigos’ will resonate with everyone who has experienced strong bonds and long lasting friendships in college and beyond.

Q How did this idea crop up in your mind?

A. Since my college days, I had a rough story in my mind which I initially thought of to make short movie, however that didn't workout and after years of writing and practicing I finally decided to write a book, after my friend Ritesh Dhawan passed away in 2008, It compelled me even more to get this story published. He was the biggest inspiration for me and I wanted to do this for him as a tribute to our friendship.

Q Do you have any more stories rather books coming up?

A. Books are my passage to nirvana. Definitely, I am working on two projects parallel, one of which is based on a true story - '???????' and the other is a different genre all together based on sports - 'The Olympians'. I hope I'll be a more mature writer with these books coming up and would love my readers to make them bestsellers as well.

Q Anything else you want our readers to know about you or any suggestions for the upcoming writers?

A. As I always say and Believe - Always follow your dream and have the courage to face the failures as success never comes easy, so keep working hard, and as my book says- “We need GMD in our generation. Loosers cannot make a winning nation” so this message goes out to all our young generation that never loose hope, dream big - achieve bigger.And upcoming writers be simple. Be what you are. Express in your own way. Stay strong and never loose your focus and passion.