Kamal Nath’s chopper lands wrongly in Kareli field!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Apr 2018 12:34:31

Staff Reporter,

Owing to some misunderstanding about the landing site, helicopter carrying former union minister and Member of Parliament Kamal Nath landed in a field in hamlet situated near Kareli in Narsinghpur district on Friday. When pilot realised the mistake, he flew the chopper to proper landing site. “Kamal Nath boarded the chopper from Chhindwara to reach Jhoteshwar in Narsinghpur to meet his spiritual guru Shankaracharya Swami Swaropanand.

It was due to some misunderstanding of pilot about landing site that chopper carrying Kamal Nath hovered in air about for 40 minutes. Afterwards, pilot landed the chopper in a field of Rakai village near Kareli town. When his attention was attracted towards the mistake, he again flew the chopper till the proper landing site,” said District Congress President Maithlisharan Tiwari talking to ‘The Hitavada’.

After reaching the ashram, Kamal Nath met Swami Swaropanand Maharaj and had a discussion with him. Before this, Kamal Nath worshipped the local deities. He remained at ashram for around 2 hours. He was received by former union minister Suresh Pachauri and local leaders including ex MLA NP Prajapati, MLA Tarun Bhanot etc. Sources said that meeting between Kamal Nath and his religious guru seems to be of utmost significance. Recently Digvijay Singh had concluded his Narmada Yatra at Barman ghat of Narsinghpur and had taken the blessings of Swami Swaropanand Maharaj.