Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Apr 2018 11:28:24


Such a fakeness would not last long in public domain. It is becoming more and more obvious that the Opposition has become desperate to malign the image of the Modi Government. When the people have understood the political intent of the Opposition, then they will not misunderstand the Prime Minister.

New Delhi, April 12 (PTI): Congress President Rahul Gandhi led a midnight candle-light march to India Gate in the national capital to protest the Kathua and Unnao rape cases, with the party alleging that the daughters of the country were not safe in the Modi regime. Rahul Gandhi was joined by his sister Priyanka and her husband Robert Vadra and other leaders from Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh, seeking immediate action against perpetrators of the crime. ...

PERHAPS, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his associates including the members of his family have forgotten that Dr. Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister of India when the ugly Nirbhaya rape case took place. Perhaps, they have forgotten that they had not taken out a candle-light midnight march to ask for an immediate resignation of Dr. Manmohan Singh. And that memory-lapse has now led them to assert that the daughters of India are not safe under the Modi regime. When the leader of the country’s biggest Opposition party conducts himself in such a flippant manner, all he is doing is indulge in a huge nonsense. Of course, such a conduct looks appropriate to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, and suits his personality well!

Nobody in his senses would ever support any ugly conduct like what was visible in Kathua and Unnao. Nobody in his senses would ever support rape and murder and would make a political capital out of the heinous act of crime. So, if a common man in his senses would refrain from any such conduct, then how can any political party allege, in effect, that because Mr. Narendra Modi is Prime Minister, the daughters of the country are not safe? No Prime Minister, no Government, would ever do anything that would make the daughters of the country unsafe. Yet, Mr. Rahul Gandhi wants to put the blame of the ugly Kathua and Unnao happenings on the head of Mr. Narendra Modi!

The nation remembers even now that Dr. Manmohan Singh had grieved post-Nirbhaya that he, too, was the father of three daughters, and understood the grief of the society as well as that of the family of the unfortunate girl. In spite of the fact that Dr. Manmohan Singh got his share of criticism at that time, everybody agreed that as father of three daughters, he understood what must have hit the family of Nirbhaya and the society as a whole. The people did blast Dr. Singh for the reference to his three daughters, too. Yet, even in those moments of extreme societal passion, sane and sensible people did not say that the daughters of India were not safe in Dr. Manmohan Singh’ regime. No leader of a political party took out a midnight march in candle-light.

What is in witness today is indulgence of Opposition leaders in what must be described as utter nonsense. For everything that goes wrong -- or even that does not go wrong -- the Opposition leaders are trying to blame the Prime Minister. In that effort, they do not want to miss the opportunity to blame the Prime Minister for crime in the country’s streets. This politicalisation of everything is taking place because the country will go to polls in just a little over a year from now. The effort, therefore, is to blame the Prime Minister and the Government somehow so that the common people would get an impression that the Government has failed on all fronts.

It is because of such activities of the Opposition parties that the national media is abuzz with rumours and fake stories about the Government’s failure on this or that count. Efforts are on to create an impression that the whole country is in the throes of a chaos of fearsome dimensions. In order to make that allegation look truthful, the Opposition -- actually Congress -- is trying everything in its dirty-tricks book to paint an ugly picture of the Indian society. Their effort is to show that governance has gone missing and law and order have collapsed.

Such a fakeness would not last long in public domain, however. It is becoming more and more obvious to the common man in the street that the Opposition has become desperate to malign the image of the Modi Government. When the people have understood the political intent of the Opposition, then they will not misunderstand the Prime Minister or his Government. They will realise that the blame of crime in the street cannot stop at the doorstep of the Prime Minister.

The most unfortunate dimension of the Indian society in modern times is that somehow, crime has been on the rise, no matter who rules in New Delhi or in the State Capitals. It is this aspect that should worry the Opposition more than anything else. In fact, it should join the Government in tackling crime so that the country becomes a safe place for everybody and anybody at any time and any place Instead of doing that, Mr. Rahul Gandhi chooses to walk to India Gate at midnight in a candle-light demonstration. In that endeavour, his sister and brother-in-law also join him along with other leaders of the Congress party. The whole thing looks so silly, so nonsensical, so irresponsible and so political!

When they sat on a one-day fast in favour of communal harmony, then also the Congress party and its leadership at all levels looked so childish. They did not know what they were fasting for. They did not know what to say on such an occasion. And so, the pitch at all such venues across the country was different, as if unconnected with any common narrative.  They may not like to hear the truth, but it is obvious that all this nautanki of the Congress party in particular and other Opposition in general looks absolutely stupid, to say the least. In an election year, they are digging their own grave by conducting themselves in such a flippant manner. They are only trouble-mongers.