RAPM demands to abolish reservation, submits memo

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Apr 2018 11:23:31



Staff Reporter,

Demanding to abolish reservation, the Rashtriya Arakshan Peedit Morcha (RAPM) handed over a memorandum addressed to president to Collector Chavi Bhardwaj.

It may be mentioned that reservation has been abolished in services in Bangladesh. Whereas, the India is prosperous country, where the people from different casts and religions are residing, to maintain co ordination amongst them, abolishing the caste based reservation is essential. Reservation puts questions mark on sovereignty. If reservation is to be given to any one it should economic basis rather the cast basis. Now, the country is facing many burning problems and government should pay attention towards them. The level of education must be improved. As the unemployment is increasing, the employment opportunities should be created.

In the wake of the verdict of honourable Supreme Court, the government should ensure that amendment in SC/ST act should be done so as to stop the misuse of this act and innocent people would not suffer. Many face cases under this were made and innocent people were harassed. The Bharat Band was called over this issue, which showed that there are loopholes in this act. Otherwise, support to bandh at such a large scale shows the discrepancies in the act. The government is of entire country rather of any individual. The government should conduct open discussion in the parliament over this issue, whichever discrepancies are there in the act must be redressed and the constitution which unites entire India with bond of oneness should have law equal for all. Tampering the constitution made by Dr Ambedkar in favour of particular cast is unjust.

The office-bearers and members of RAPM, Anand Mohan Pathak, Sudher Nayak, Pundit Amit Khampariya, Dinesh Pret, Dhananjay Vajpayee, Deepak Pachouri, Sunel Dubey, Rishi Mishra, Sandeep Dubey, Sharad Dubey, Umesh Pandey and others were also present on the occasion. The participants through the memorandum have demanded to implement constitution equal for all in entire nation as every one has right to equality.