Raman Science Centre’s well-equipped lab remains underutilised

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Apr 2018 10:41:24


Business Bureau,

Often it is being highlighted that lack of facilities in the region is the main cause for the backwardness of Vidarbha. It is also being said that some parts of the State could prosper only because entrepreneurs, students and other innovative persons in those parts have easy access to state-of-the-art facilities.
However, a contradicting fact has come to fore recently, when authorities of Raman Science Centre said that the well-equipped laboratory of the centre that has a capacity to mentor, support and nurture 300 ideas simultaneously, remains underutilised.

In the recent meeting, Ramdas Iyer, Director of Raman Science Centre (RSC), said that only 10 per cent of the centre’s Innovation Hub, an open lab facility that provides free of cost infrastructure for inter-disciplinary research, is being utilised.

“At our centre, we help students with validating, experimenting, prototyping and patenting their ideas. Despite being one of the biggest such infrastructure in the country, only 10 per cent of our capacity is currently utilised”, he said.

Atul Pande – President of vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) usred that the industrialist and academicians attending the meeting to synergise their strengths and ensure that all resources are pooled together and made available to push forward innovative ideas in a systematic process. “No region can prosper if it doesn’t have local entrepreneurship. Since RSC a capacity to nurture 300 students at this facility at RSC, VIA has decided to sponsor registration and one year membership fees for availing facilities at ‘Innovation Hub’, 10 students from each college,” he announced.

Suresh Rathi, Vice President, VIA, said, “VIA’s vision is to create entrepreneurs and assist enterprise. Through this forum, we are not looking to rope in geniuses – we are opening these facilities for every individual, young or old, who simply has an interesting idea”.
Dr Subil Bhat from IIIEFA (Vgyan Bharti) volunteered to steer the activity.

CA Poonam Khadelwal, Managing Partner, Ventrue Catalysts also spoke on funding of the prospecting enterprises.Building up Eco-system for incubation of ideas / innovation up to enterprise level is the prime objective of this group under stewardship of VIA and (Vigyan Bharti) IIIFA, who have been collectively working in this direction for the past three years.

Another collaborative effort of VIA with Lemon School of Entrepreneurship called ‘Gurukul’ would be scanning the ideas for incubation and hand-holding for conversion into enterprises.

During the discussion, it was also agreed upon that the academicians would create a think-tank and meet at regular intervals to share insights, track progress and explore collaborative opportunities. Some of the notable dignitaries present at the meet included Nitin Gujatathi, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Dr Chandrahas Handa, HoD, Mechanical Dept. KDK College of Engineering and Dr Yogita Kasture, CIVN, VNIT Nagpur.
Dr Prashant Agrawal from III Forum conducted the meet and proposed vote of thanks.