SECR expo exhibits various changes made in rly at All India Railway Week Awards ceremony

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Apr 2018 11:28:45





Staff Reporter

“Public appreciated the stall of South East Central Railway (SECR) in an exhibition organised at the 63rd All India Rail Week Awards in Bhopal”.A three-day exhibition has been organised by Indian Railways in Bhopal on the occasion of the 63rd All India Railway Week Awards ceremony, in which all the Zonal Railways, public sector undertakings have their own stalls. In each of these stalls, every zonal railway and public undertakings have shown their achievements, explorations and important works.South East Central Railway has also exhibited the improvements made in railways, such as the LED carrier cum cam records and the improvements like bio-toilets planted in the coaches through the model which was highly appreciated.

During the exhibition, the Chairman, Railway Board was informed in detail about the communication facility provided through optical fibre cable in Amarkantak of South East Central Railway, the Chairman appreciated these innovations. Speaking about the implementation of Zonal Railways as well as live performance of this communication facility was presented to the Chairman, Railway Board.The information of the major models put in the stall of South-East Central Railway are continuous new works are being done in the field of passenger amenities and safety by the LED carrier cum cam recorder- Coaching Depot Bilaspur, under which a toy car has been developed in an “LED Carrier cum Cam Recorder” Wagon department staff will be comfortable in Pitt line inspection.

There are two CCTV cameras in the car which are uploaded through the modem to the Global Internet. It can be easily viewed in real time basis on any mobile or computer connected to the internet. For proper inspection, sufficient light is required which is provided by installing LED lights. Through both of these things, this toy car is proving to be an important means of ensuring passenger safety.