Dedication of Railway trackman, gateman saves thousands of lives

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Apr 2018 10:28:09



By Ankita Garg

It is easy to say but very tough to save others’ lives in a situation when our own life is at risk. And this has been proved by a few railway gateman and trackman, who have saved life of thousands by taking prompt action.Shokinder Kumar (30), trackman of Northern Railway, has been awarded by Indian Railways for outstanding service in his field. Shokinder Kumar saved life of thousands of people travelling in Gondwana Express even after having fracture in his right leg. “I spotted a six inch gap on section of track and it would surely have result into derailment. I was having fracture in my leg and Gondwana Express was coming. It was not possible for me to run on the track with red flag but somehow I walked on the track and blew the whistle loudly. After certain efforts, train loco pilot heard my whistle and stopped the train just a few meters away from the spot,” said Shokinder. He further said, it was really very happy movement for him after saving lives of so many passengers.

“I closed the gate at Rajwari-Kadipur section for general public as intercity train was coming. A few people started arguing with me and asked to open the gate. When I refused opening the gate, they shoot me and I was in hospital for 3 months,” said Sanjay Singh Kushwaha, trackman Northern East Railway.He further said I refused to open the gate as it was my duty. Another gateman Raja Bhadur Singh from North Central Railway has been awarded by Indian Railways for his outstanding work in the field. He saved life of thousands of passengers after witnessing some fault in the railway track. He put off his clothes and waved off to stop the train. Indian Railways felicitated all these people having outstanding work in their field on Monday.