Farmer Jitendra makes best use of waste

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Apr 2018 10:13:38



Our Correspondent

A unique and successful initiative has been taken by a progressive farmer, Jitendra Chaurasiya, who has utilised used material like plastic water bottles, discarded containers and much more, into use of farming by sowing a plant sapling inside it. Jitendra informed that a sprouted plant only need proper water, protection from harsh sun rays and domestic animals, to grow properly and turn into a tree. And under, Panchwati Multiaimed Gopal Forest Development and Land Management Scheme part II, in order reuse the bottles, discarded containers and boxes he put plant inside each container like, sowing mango plant in empty container which has now reached to the height of 12 feet, guava plant of 8 feet height, jack fruit of 6 feet height, Amla fruit of 7 feet height have been sowed in the empty and unused canisters or discarded containers.

It was also informed that farmers give only one glass of water in a day, to the plant. And, Jitendra Chaurasiya, because of his attachment towards plants, since last 6 years whenever he reaches to any religious programs, he gifts his hand made pots sown plants saplings to the people present over there.
As these plants are being developed with low expenditure and also using less mud and water. Utilising the medical use accessories like saline water and tubes the drip irrigation system has been created to irrigate the plants being developed in discarded canes and water bottles. He also stated his wish to mark their work in World Record Book and LIMCA Book of Records India. Jitendra, continuing to this, says that if Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan gives him responsibility of giving two plant to every family, then with fewer expense, the plant can be saved and when it grows to become a tree then, it can be sowed into a particular place and which really can create a world record.