City youths invent world’s first spit packs for tobacco, paan, consumers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Apr 2018 09:33:30

City youths invent worlds first spit packs for tobacco paan consumers Ritu Malhotra Prateek Malhotra Prateek Harde


Staff Reporter,

How many times have you felt sick and disgusted on seeing the corner of a wall splattered with spit? Or on watching helplessly when somebody stops his or her car, open the door and spit on the road? Spitting is most disheartening that we witness every day, everywhere. This habit not only damages public property but also causes health issues. According to Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, national Secretary of Indian Chest Association, India still could not eradicate Tuberculosis because Indians continued spitting. Disheartened after observing this habit, Nagpur’s three youths studied the hazards of spitting and have come up with world’s first spit packs for tobacco, paan and betel leaf consumers. According to them use of these Easy Spit, the spitting on public places would stop.

Pratik Harde, Prateek Malhotra and Ritu Malhotra these are Nagpur’s three youths who have invented Easy Spit that include Container material – recycled paper, Zip Lock for Pocket Pack, Pocket Pack, Mobile Pack, Commercial Pack.
This trio while talking to The Hitavada said, “Spitting is not good so why we came up with this products was the question we had asked ourselves. We thought we can’t stop people from spitting but we can protect others from falling prey to the infection spread due to spitting. With this thought we came up with this idea. We got inspired by the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan launched by Government of India.”

And the creation by this trio was before the world in the form of ‘Easyspit,’ an eco-friendly spittoon made up of specific material. They have prepared the different containers for different people. For example, ‘Easyspit’ can be placed in pockets easily. The spitters will take it out from pocket and use it for spitting.

The ‘absorb’ material in ‘Easyspit,’ does wonders. It absorbs the spit and later converts it into crystals. Hence, pocket does not get wet. The “Easyspit” can be used for spitting 25 times and can be easily disposed of. There is spittoon in the form of Packet and Container which can be used in car. The Packet has zip due to which spit can not come out of the Packet. After complete use the spit becomes biodegradable waste that can absorb multiple spits, it is odorless, it is temper proof, spill proof. Excited by the invention, Ritu, Pratik and Prateek applied for the patent and they got the same.