The key ingredient for ACHIEVEMENT IS RISK

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Apr 2018 11:08:44




T oday, the National mindset is shifting how risk can create rewards. Those who believed in safe careers a generation ago now enter the area of risk-taking. Suddenly, risk takers are the new heroes. If we accept the versions of experts risk takers are larger than life and are different from everyone else.

Risk is an excuse not to act and get results. As a result people who have absolutely brilliant ideas for new business find themselves stranded. People say that they are going to do this and that but that does not happen. Albert Einsetein was asked what enabled him to make revolutionary discoveries.

He replied “It is not that I am more gifted than anybody else. I am just more curious than the average person and I don’t give-up on a problem until I have found the proper solution. Solving problems is one of my greatest satisfaction in life. The harder they are, the more satisfaction I get from them.” Everyone wants success but most people lack two very important qualities; persistence and patience.

They are like farmers who keep digging up seeds to see how they are doing, never giving them an opportunity to take root. Be willing to wait longer for your goals to bear fruit than you had anticipated. Importance is a virtue only when it helps sharpen your focus on what you need to succeed. Years ago, a mother was about to go out with her husband. As she prepared to feed their baby before they left, the husband became impatient and finally the wife handed over the task over to him. The bowl with the contents landed on his lap.

As he changed clothes, he reasoned that there must be a better way to prepare baby food and there must be parents who did not enjoy the monotony of straining fruits and vegetables several times a day. Thus was born the idea of marking baby food. There are only two ways of getting on in this world; one by own industry and second by the stupidity of others. Charles Lamb once said: “The greatest pleasure I know is do a good action by stealth and having it found out by accident. The Thorns I have reaped are by the trees I planted”.

An anonymous saying is: “A vast improvement in the drama on the stage could be that instead of the Hero dying on the scaffold, he should be shot by a firing squad. It would not only wake-up the audience but it would let them know that the show is over! Once the teacher in the class asked “How to throw more of yourself in this life? It is by reading more, listening more, associating with better people more. For a change, listen to inspiring things. Open the mind; you know parachutes work better when they are open. Read books, listen to good teachers, look at things growing, study models which produce results, adopt good qualities, fill-up gaps and form good habits in life. We cannot remain as we are because that would be Status Quo.

We can change like the sculptor chipping away the unwanted parts of the rock and a beautiful statue emerging out of it. Play past successes and throw out failures. That is called reinforcement, reinventing yourself, and rearmament. There is a champion within you; bring him out. You can stand on the victory stand when you do your best. Have a belief because whatever you shall believe and conceive, you shall achieve. There is a price for everything. There is nothing free in this world.

Take an inventory, because no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. There is a story about Henry Kissinger, once the Secretary of State USA. A file was send to him. He asked “Is it the best you can do? The file went back and forth several times. In the end his assistant wrote “Yes, this is the best I can do”. Kissinger wrote “In that case I shall read it now”. My teacher once asked “What are you going to leave behind? Is it a photograph, a fingerprint, your clothes, a house, some money in the Bank; none of these. It should be a sign that you have lived in this world. Keep on trying and in the end you will win.” There is a small poem which says:

“He slept beneath the moon; He basked beneath the Sun; He lived a life of going to do and died with nothing done! Give things a chance to happen. While you live, it is you who should decide what is said at your funeral!” Each of us is capable of taking control of our self-image and programming our guidance system for success. All that a man achieves and does not achieve is a direct result of his own thoughts and the actions that follow. ■