Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Apr 2018 10:26:46

IT WAS a foregone conclusion that the honourable Supreme Court would reject all the Public Interest Litigations (PILs) seeking to reopen the case of the death of Special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Judge Mr. B.H. Loya. As the the honourable Supreme Court dismissed the petitions, it observed unequivocally that some elements had tried to scandalise the judiciary by raising doubts about the reasons of Mr. Loya’s sudden death. Naturally, the honourable justices blasted those elements in clear terms.

This particular case demonstrates how dirty has India’s domestic politics become, and how those indulging in it have no moral qualms about foisting falsehood in the name of truth. In this case, political elements, including most Opposition parties led particularly by Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi, had alleged that there could be an involvement of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Mr. Amit Shah in elimination of Judge Mr. B.H. Loya when he was visiting Nagpur for a wedding. This allegation came up as Mr. Loya was hearing the Sohrabuddin encounter case. Though the nation knew that the allegations were purely political in nature and did not have an iota of truth, the honourable Supreme Court still entertained the PILs and heard and gave its verdict.

The legal position apart, it was obvious right from the start that the Opposition parties were trying to make a political capital out of the Mr. Loya’s death. Though Mr. Loya’s family was insisting that it did not suspect any foul play, the Opposition parties insisted upon carrying forward with the case right to the Supreme Court, thus implying that the Loya family, too, could have been bought over by vested interests.

This allegation was beyond any limits of sanity and angered not just the Loyas but also the whole nation. The Opposition parties even went to the extent of suspecting the integrity of some high judicial officers who rushed to the place where Mr. Loya suffered a cardiac arrest in Nagpur. Those judicial officers including judges tried their best to help Mr. Loya as he was suffering, though to no avail. Most unfortunately, the Opposition, led by Mr. Rahul Gandhi, went to the extent of making uncouth suggestion about a purposeful negligence by those few judicial officers. Once that ugly suggestion came to fore, the common people realised how dirty politics was getting.

The Opposition attempts in recent times to cross all limits of decency and sanity to make wild and absolutely nonsensical allegations against the people in the Modi Government, including the Prime Minister himself, now stand exposed to a vast extent. The people have known by now that the Opposition is making a fool of itself as it indulges in stupid statements and senseless allegations. The common people realise now that the Opposition leadership has lost a sense of balance in an effort to malign somehow the image of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and his Government.

Troubled spiritually by this degradation, Mr. Modi had appealed to everybody to shun politics from issues as heinous as rape. That appeal made during the Prime Minister’s interaction with Indian diaspora in London touched people’s hearts as they could see clearly the trauma on Mr. Modi’s face. President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, too, made a similar observation back in India on the same day. These clear appeals by the two leaders will certainly have their positive impact on the people’s mindset.

The outcome of the Judge B.H. Loya death case has exposed to what kind of filthy levels Opposition can stoop. The Opposition is trying to kick up more dust even as the honourable Supreme Court has ruled that Mr. Loya died of natural causes. This is reprehensible and speaks ill of the Opposition leadership. Obviously, in due course of time, the common people, too, will form their opinion in the most appropriate manner about the Opposition.