Opposition’s Cardinal Sin

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Apr 2018 10:22:00

 London, April 18 (Agencies): The whole world was his stage. And from the vantage point of Central Hall at London’s Westminster, Prime Minister Narendra Modi picked up every moment to let the global Indian community know what type of a person he was -- ready to be forgotten by history after having done his divinely-mandated task. “I have no desire to be remembered. The only desire I have is to be able to serve my family of 1.25 billion Indians ...” 

New Delhi, April 19 (IANS): India has been recording highest growth rate amongst the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) economies, a KPMG (a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors) report said here on Thursday. According to report titled “India Soars Higher”, in spite of some reformative steps that slowed the growth momentum in the first quarter of FY18, the economy is likely to grow at 7.4% in 2018 -- higher than the advanced economies and the world -- which are at 2% and 3% respectively. “India today is moving towards a period of sustained growth. Reforms such as the bankruptcy code and Goods and Services Tax and a keen focus on investments in infrastructure are important elements of the foundation of such a growth”, said Arun Kumar, Chairman/CEO, KPMG in India. ...

GOOD news is coming from all sides -- except from the Opposition camp. No matter the good economic prediction by KPMG about India, no matter the great feel-good factor the people take with them after witnessing Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s interaction in London, no matter the good numbers of medals Indian sportspersons win at the Commonwealth Games, the Opposition, blinded by the rage due to the success of the Modi regime in the past four years, is busy telling itself that India is passing through its darkest hour since Independence.

All we can say is: To each one one’s own! For, nothing can be done to such perverse people who have gained a special expertise of finding fault in everything. So, even when an international rating agency predicts good economy, they, the Opposition finds fault. Even when the Indian Armed Forces conduct successful surgical strikes, the Opposition finds faults with our soldiers and their work. Even when our sportspersons win medals, the Opposition suspects some foul play. Even when the Supreme Court decides that there was no foul play in Judge B.H. Loya’s death, the Opposition suspects the integrity of the judges and seeks a review. ...! And in the past some time, the Opposition is busy painting India as a place where daughters of the country are not safe under the Modi regime.

Of course, the world understood everything in a split-second when Mr. Narendra Modi said in London, his face saddened due to incidents of rape, appealed to everybody not to let politics sneak into the issue. Of course, the Opposition is not likely to learn its lessons. Therefore, this must be the darkest picture of the Opposition since Independence. For, whatever may happen in the country, it smells rat. Whatever bad happens, it blames the Prime Minister. And as it heaps senseless, baseless and shameless allegations against the Government in general and the Prime Minister in particular, the Opposition makes itself a laughing stock.

The good -- or better -- news is that even if the people are beginning to know how stupid the Opposition is in its conduct, the Opposition leadership is adamant in its insistence that everything is bad and ugly in the country: Mere Murgi Ki Ek Taang! And this is good news because the Opposition is digging its own grave as it wants to tell the world that nothing is right in India. Such a blindness towards reality! Such a adamant turning of a Nelson’s Eye towards the glorious times India is now enjoying!

In a democracy, Opposition is a necessity. For, it is expected to offer a contrarian view so that the establishment does not go berserk in its power-drunkenness. But what we see today in our country is an Opposition that refuses to see sense and realise what the truth is. That was the reason why it failed the political wave rejecting it and embracing the Modi regime in State after State. So, the Opposition started talking rape as a political tool in its hand. “A rape is a rape, and there should be no politics involved in it”, the Prime Minister appealed. Yet, the Opposition has only one point -- rape -- to harp upon. So, its publicity agents are talking of rape as the only thing happening all the time and everywhere in the country. True, there may be a hike in the incidents of rape in the past some years. But that cannot be blamed on the Government. But the Opposition does not see this truth. For, it is deliberately blinded by its political rage and frustration.

But then, when somebody is on a suicidal course, others cannot do a damn to stop the slide. In Opposition’s case, this is the reality. True, at least temporarily, the Opposition seems to have succeeded in creating a chaos in the country. But, history tells that such negativism does not travel much and that a time comes sooner than later to expose the dirty propagandism of the Opposition. There is no doubt that the Opposition believes in the theory of Hitler’s Propaganda minister Goebbels who established a theory that a lie told ten times turns truth in public perception. In India, however, this theory does not seem to work since the common people have understood the actual truth and not the Opposition’s truth.  But as the Opposition indulges in foisting lies on the people, gods would not pardon them in the long run. For when somebody tries hard to spread lies and canard with an ulterior motive, there can never be an atonement of that cardinal sin.