There is sheer animalvigour in finishing first

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Apr 2018 10:31:33



I f you are anticipating the worst, while hoping for the best. You will get the worst. The things that happen to you are in direct accordance with the things where you place your faith. Your belief instructs the power within to produce success or failure.

Trouble is the product of wrong thinking. Straighten your thinking and your troubles should vanish. They cannot continue to exist because they have been created and kept alive by wrong thinking. Your state of mind is something you can control completely. You may be surprised to learn how easily you can take possession of your mind and condition it for the attainment of any purpose you desire.

No one can control the actions of others but anyone may control his reactions to these actions and circumstances. Your mind is your own. You are the sole supervisor of its reactions to every circumstance that affects your life. It is not hard to understand Modern Art. If it hangs on a wall, it is a painting. If you can walk around it, it is a sculpture. If it is chalk and board it is a class. If the bell tolls, then the class is over. Prepare for the next class and stir the students to be awake. The writer said: “If I want to read a book, I write one.” “The expert says that there are only two ways of getting on in this world. One is by industry and the other by the stupidity of others.


The greatest pleasure in life is to do a good action by stealth and have it found out by accident!” Steve Jobs, the famous executive said: “There is a curious chemistry in hiring; you reach not only outward but inward also. I hire people and tell them what not to do but tell me what to do. Mastery of excellence is that mastery builds confidence and competence. Masters are like Radars-Scanners looking out to be more effective. Two ways to make everyday a better day.


Think and thank people. Some leave their footprints on the sands of time but others only leave the mark of a heel.” An expert described the habits and life styles of achievers. All of them are from famous Universities like IIM or IIT. They are highly principled, full of honesty and fairness. They are aggressive listeners, clear about their priorities, physically fit by going to the gym, great networkers, team workers easily connecting people. My Boss in police used to say: “Bring out the best in people; succeed on the talents of others; select self-disciplined talented people; Motivate them and make them achieve and share with them. Don’t crack under pressure. Accept events as they are; don’t rebel, resist or revolt. Go with the flow and adapt. Losers allow life to happen; winners make life happen. School or college performance has little to do with success or job competence. Bring out the best in people. Succeed on the talents of others.” You and I have the capacity to be happy to be creative, to be in touch with something that is beyond the clutches of time.


Creative happiness is not a gift reserved for a few. Why is it that the majority do not know what is happiness? In spite of knowledge some keep the door open which no person or no book can offer. Others are smothered by technique and authority. Can the mind keep in touch with the source of happiness? Afterall, to be open to the source of all happiness is the highest religion, but to realise this happiness, you must give right attention to it. If one wants to be successful, one must think, until it hurts. A leader is not sitting on the seat of a Judge. A leader is out to improve performance. Leader is a teacher and trainer. Leaders have no favourites. Leaders have a clear vision and they remain calm in a crisis. Surprise means breaking the mould. God is found in the courage of the human soul to stand-up for human dignity.

No matter what the odds are, no matter how uneducated, no matter how badly outnumbered, understand that people are willing to risk lives for the right thing. Winning in life is not for everyone. You have to be a bit abnormal if you want to be the very best and you have to make sacrifices. You can achieve top abilities only if you cultivate a self-image that will allow you to get there. If you want to reach the top rank, you must feel good about your chances of success. There are numerous ways of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Nobody wins all the time. Know when you can afford to love, and for that a sixth sense is required.