Control your back pain naturally

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 Apr 2018 11:21:42


By Dr Akash Saoji

Back pain is the very common problem that is face by most of the people, especially by the elderly group. Although back pain may be painful or uncomfortable, it is usually, not taken seriously unless, it takes a toll on your routine comfort. Back pain is associated with the way our back bones of vertebral column muscles, ligaments are connected together.

Vertebral Column Anatomy - Complex structure of human back is made up of vertebral bones providing scaphoid disks in between vertebrates providing cushioning effect, connecting muscles and ligaments. Spinal Cord which is very important for carrying sensations and movement control fibers is very well protected in vertebral column.

Common causes of back pain

  1. Mechanical imbalance in structural scaphoid made up of vertebra muscles, ligaments.
  2. Spinal cord problems, compression. More than 90 per cent of the back pain are associated with the muscle stretching due to uncontrolled bending, pushing, pulling, awkwardly lifting, forceful twisting, muscle tension etc. Very few cases of back pain associated with spinal cord problems which needs major intervention like surgery. Changing Scenario- Suddenly increasing number of young active age group people are coming with back pain.

Easily controllable causes

This happens due to the sedentary lifestyle. Longtime sitting postures in office. Lack of stretching of back muscles. Maximum work in closed areas with AC rooms. Lack of Sunlight, which is important for generation of Vitamin D, which is required for strengthening of bones. Similar activities for long times or over exertion. Maximum use of gadgets like laptop, mobile or sitting in long wrong postures. Mental stress due to excessive competition in respective fields. Altered food habits. Obesity in young age due to junk food.

Advice - Few position changes in lifestyle will help reduce the chances and severity of back pain. Daily exercises, yoga, food and posture habits, sleeping times and mental balancing is the key to good health. Expert advice is needed in selected cases. Very specific indivisualised stretching exercises are very useful. It may reduce the use of pain killer medicines, at maximum extent. It is always better to avoid the unindicated pain killer medicines in heavy doses for longtime. Patients with problem in spinal cord or vertebral bones need specialised treatment, from spine consultant. Many times surgery can be avoided with specialised treatment like specialised physiotherapy, yoga, pain block methods. Key hole surgery is also getting popularised with limited indications. Changing in fast lifestyle is the commonest cause of back pain and development in technologies and skills is the boon for problem.

 (The author is Orthopedist and Spine Surgeon, Nagpur)