Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Apr 2018 12:39:22

Q1: Ma’am, I am a student of Class IX. I am bad in Science. I want to study English literature and become a radio jockey (RJ). How should I go about it? --Soumya

A: Dear Soumya, Many times what subjects we learn in school would have less direct relevance to our career journey. You are at best age to explore career options not just through academic training but through real experience. It would be good to get involved in various types of projects, field visits, extracurricular activities and participation in open competitions to validate your interest and capability. If your interest is in Radio Jockey (RJ), it will be great to experiment/participate and put yourself into activities that enhances required skills of RJ like discussions, public speaking, debates, current affairs, events, theatre, performing arts etc. etc. You can get yourself in these activities right from school days. There are many open opportunities these days to learn and acquire job specific skills and life skills. Knowledge of supporting subjects like English literature, political science, sociology, psychology, journalism would be good as an added advantage. You can learn these subjects at school and graduation level as per your interest. General knowledge, current affairs and presence of mind are vital for a job of a RJ. There are many short term courses available for RJ training which you could join but first you need to test yourself for these tasks and check out your interest level. Start participating in competitions and any kind of activity where communication skills are the core requirement. It would be advisable to consult parents, teachers and experts from the field to dig out more information about the career and if required a formal ability assessment along with career counseling may be useful to nail out the career path.

Q2: Hello madam, I will be appearing for the Class XII this year. I love Biology and Chemistry but am not confident about cracking the medical entrance test i.e. NEET-UG. Is B. Pharm a feasible option?

A: Hello, if you are studying biology and chemistry at the Plus Two level, you are eligible for medical entrance exams (NEET-UG) and through MHT-CET for Pharmacy based courses. And if you are planning to do a pharmacy course, ensure that the programme is accredited to the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). You can either choose a two-year diploma in pharmacy (with hospital training) or a four-year bachelor's degree in pharmacy to register as a pharmacist in India. After doing bachelor of pharmacy (BPharm), you can work as a medical pharmacist, retail pharmacist, an academic or conduct research on drug development. To succeed in this field, you need to have a good knowledge of drugs and their interactions. Some research on drug development is being done in India but the opportunities are limited. Other professions in the medical field that you could consider are physiotherapy, speech therapy, nursing and occupational therapy.